Help Launch a New Restaurant ! Laosian Cuisine!


Sabai Sabai - Lynnwood, WA
1120 164th St SW

Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM

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Help Launch a new restaurant to the North Seattle food scene ! Stopped in recently during there soft opening. There specialty is Laosian Cuisine . I stumbled across this place from my Laosian friend who asked me to join their family for lunch, have to say this place and wonderful. Walked in and was greeted by friendly people. Atmosphere was great and restaurant was very clean and organized. Food was authentic as it gets. For me the first thing we got was the Papaya salad cause that's how I tell if the food is authentic and family style which it was, the papaya salad great and spicy for 2 star, they use real crab to. We got the platters and what's good was that you can have different options for meats. We ordered the Meat Platter with all the fixings and Mok Gai along with some sticky rice. The entrees are authentic Lao cuisine that taste just as good as my best friends, if not even better! If you have a meal here, it makes sense to try one of the desserts that they have available here as well. -Reasonable price -Large variety of menu items -Prepared quick -Tasteful, flavorful style dishes -Dine Family Style We will have tables where someone will explain what the dishes are. Then everyone will have a taste of all the different items that are ordered. Come enjoy fun people who enjoy good food. Laosian Cuisine will be very affordable!! If you have never had or would like to try New Cuisine and dishes It's a wonderful dining experience. Please come and join us and meet some new friends. BRING CASH...CASHOLA.. Good Friends, Good Food, = A Great Time !! ****FREE PARKING available on the street after 8pm !!! **Price will be on what we order and includes gratuity making it easy for everyone involved Around $25. We will have name tags for all my events. So I get to know your name and makes it easy to mingle. Two no show policy will be applied. If you do not adhere to any of this please do not attend. RSVP ETIQUETTE: Since we have limited space I ask that you (and your guest) be considerate of others and commit to your RSVP. Your no-show may prevent someone else from attending and you from attending other limited dinner events like this. Come Hungry and Leave happy !