Happiness from a Different Source: Understanding the Mind


Kelsang Varahi @kelsangnamdrol

Kadampa Meditation Center Bloomington - Bloomington
406 South Walnut Street

Tue, May 7, 2019 at 10:30 PM - 11:45 PM

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Have you ever wondered why it is so challenging to maintain ongoing happiness and yet problems and pain come so easily and naturally? We typically think that pleasant external conditions are the source of our happiness and that unpleasant external conditions are the source of our suffering. Buddha taught that happiness and suffering are feelings – parts of our mind – and so their main causes are not to be found outside the mind. In this meditation series, we will come to understand the nature and function of our mind and discover how this understanding can be used practically in everyday experience to improve our lives. We will learn how to recognize and reduce states of mind that harm us, increase peaceful and beneficial ones, and begin to make happiness our immediate reality. Classes include guided meditations and a talk. No experience is needed. Cushions and chairs are provided. Each teaching stands alone so feel free to drop-in to any class or come and enjoy the entire series! Everyone is welcome! Cost: $10/class $5/students Free for Monthly Members