H.E.A.T. Hiking in Napa


Bothe - Napa Valley State Park - Calistoga, CA
3801 St Helena Hwy North

Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Happy Monday Everyone, This Saturday we'll be in the Napa area for a 5 mile hike. Although it's shorter than our usual treks, it will take you a little longer than a normal 5 miles. Afterwards for those interested, we'll be visiting V. Sattui for wine-tasting and to eat. They have a deli available and also a BBQ on the weekends. Please remember shoes with good traction, water or a sports drink with electrolytes, a snack for before, during and/or after and your whistle. Carpooling is strongly recommended as the parking is minimal but we should all fit as long as we are on time and are courteous so someone else can park next to us. Since it's a state park, there's a parking fee ($8). Please bring cash and if the booth isn't manned, pay at the station that is to the right once you enter. Once you pay, drive straight ahead and you'll see a few parking spaces at the visitor center, then the next area of parking will be at the trailhead which is Redwood Trail and you can park on either side of the road. Pass that area, you will see parking areas on both sides of the road all the way down to the bathrooms. Please park at a 90 degree angle. Please copy and share the link for the event to invite your friends or members that you notice were not invited due to Facebook policy. If you have any questions, please ask before the morning of. Make it a great week everyone and remember to stay active during the week so these hikes will seem like walks in the park on the weekends. Appreciate you all and we'll see you soon. ***DRIVING DIRECTIONS*** From Oakland area... Take 580 W to 80 E Take exit 33 for CA-37 toward Napa Keep left and follow signs for CA-37/Napa Use the right lane to turn slightly right onto CA-29/Sonoma Blvd ramp to Napa Use the right two lanes to turn right onto CA-29 N/Sonoma Blvd Ride CA-29 about 30 miles and you will see the park on your left From Concord Area... Take 680 N to exit 71B for CA-12 W/I-80 W toward Napa/San Francisco Take exit 39B for CA-12 toward Napa Continue onto CA-12 W for about 6 miles Turn right onto CA-12 W/CA-29 N state Hwy 12 W and take CA-29 until you see the park on your left. ***TRAIL DIRECTIONS*** We will be starting on the Redwood Trail. Then shortly veering to the right to take the Ritchey Canyon Trail. You'll come to a junction and cross the creek to the right to remain on the Ritchey Canyon Trail. Continue straight on Ritchey until about mile 2. You'll then cross the paved area and notice the South Fork Trail to your left. We will take South Fork about a half mile and then make a left onto Coyote Peak Trail We will take Coyote Peak Trail back to Redwood trail where we will make a right back to the parking areas.