Grow a Veggie Garden


What's more rewarding than a home cooked meal? A home grown meal! There are many benefits to growing and eating your own food, some of those are…   * Reduced Carbon Footprint : Transportation of fruits and veggies has a heavy carbon footprint * Tastier Fruits and Veggies: Have you ever tasted a tomato fresh off the vine? There's no comparison! Produce from the grocery store is picked before it's ripe, which means less nutrients and less flavor! * Fewer chemicals:  From seed, to soil, to spray… avoid the genetically modified foods and chemicals found in even Organic-labeled produce from the store. When you grow your food, you know exactly what you're eating. * Build a relationship with your garden: Teach children and yourself about the cycles of life through plant life! Talk to your plants, they like it! * Inspire Creativity and Meditation: Gardening is incredible soothing. Do you know the majority of people suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder? Your body wants to be spending time with the natural world! * Sense of Satisfaction: Earn bragging rights! Until you've grown your own food, there's no way to understand how rewarding it is to nurture and observe nature through her cycles. * Improved Health: Your taste buds will begin to heal, and it's likely that the processed foods found at the grocery store will become less and less appealing.   A simple Google Search will pull up dozens of how to articles, we recommend starting with this step by step guide written by The Farmer's Almanac…