God, The Yes Universe and Our Place in it

Jenn Shepherd @revshepherd

Unity in Edinboro - Edinboro
130 Meadville St

Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Hello Unity of Edinboro! I'm Rev. Tami Holbury-Ferraro I am blessed to be coming to Unity, Sunday June 9th! I want to thank our friend Rev. Jenn Shepherd for the invitation to speak with you. I am from Unity of Buffalo, woohoo! I have served or am currently serving as choir member, grounds member, greeter, prayer chaplain, youth ed.teacher, platform partner, healer and spiritual teacher I'm a sister, wife, mother, grandmother of 9....artist, psychic medium and student of universal truths. We have 2 donkeys (Wilbur and Casper) 1 cat "Lil E O" and 6 little chickens. I would like to speak about "God, The Yes Universe and Our Place in it" Have you experienced God or had a God Wink moment? What is God and is that what we should call.....(him?) Have you heard or are you aware we have a "Yes Universe?" Did you know it hears you? Last but not least...Whats our purpose here as spiritual beings having an amazing human experience? Let me share the answers I have received as reality in very profound ways with you. God (Spirit) moves in and through every aspect of our lives at all times. I give thanks for channeling the messages needed to be heard. I would love to meet everyone of you! Thank you in advance for an amazing experience! Love and Light, Tami