Games on Tap

Jen Williams @jenwilliams1

Akasha Brewing Company - Louisville, KY
909 East Market Street

Wed, May 29, 2019 at 10:30 PM - 2:00 AM

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Your favorite weekly board game meet up! FAQ: So what kind of games do you play? Like Monopoly and stuff? While we respect classic or family games, and keep quite a few in our regular rotation (Pit, Telestrations, Set) most of the games we play are more modern ones like The Resistance, Codenames, and Klask. Don’t be intimidated if you’re not familiar with our games! There is bound to be one that you like. Additionally,we have friendly and patient hosts who will help you select a game, set it up, and explain the rules. Do I need to bring games? No! But if you have a game you want to play, bring it. We bring about 50 different games each time with some rotation week to week. If you’d like to bring your own games to share, that’d be awesome. Or, if you have something you specifically would like brought, just leave a comment below. If we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to get it! Is there an entry fee? There is no entry fee. Do plan to be a good patron for the bar by making some sort of purchase - whether it be a drink or just a snack. And, of course, tip your bartender! Is it 21+? While Games on Tap has no specific age policies, it’s up to the individual bars and breweries to set their policy on minors, and Great Flood is open to all ages. We also do a Saturday meetup hosted at a coffee shop which is also open to all ages. Do I need to get there right when it starts or stay til it ends? No! Arrive at any time, take a break to get food, and leave when it works for you. We don’t schedule games at particular times, so whenever you get there we’ll get you going with something. Is it ok to eat cereal dry? Even if it's in a bowl with a spoon? ABSOLUTELY! We here at games do not discriminate against dry cereal eaters, and while some are having difficulty coming around to the idea, rest assured you don't need to feel ashamed about your un-soggy cereal preference while you're with us.