Friday: AMC Evening Special Live Music Event at Center for Art and Spirit

Ted Riskin @tedriskin

Center for Art & Spirit at St.George - Asheville, NC
50 Bell Road

Fri, May 3, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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Come join us at the Center for Art and Spirit's beautiful temple space for a live music dance wave! The Dance Wave will be all original music by Rob Lenfestey, a mixture of pre-produced and live instrumentation by: Rob Lenfestey Kyle Nuccelli Will Franke Brady Alden 7:00 Warmup by DJ Ver de Luz 7:30 Opening Circle Space is limited, so please pre-purchase a ticket to ensure admission at Supporting Facilitator: CJ O'Reilly Suggested entry: $10 Flex Ticket: $8 – $50 New dancers will receive a voucher for a free second dance. --------------------------------------- Guidelines No Shoes: Dance in bare feet, socks, or your dance shoes. Please no street shoes. Well-being and Safety: We love to dance freely, and we need to be safe too. By taking part in the dance you acknowledge responsibility for your own safety. Be aware of your surroundings and your impact on others. Dance into the empty spaces. Drink water! If you are particularly sensitive to loud sounds, please bring earplugs for yourself or your children. Sounds and Talking: Once the music begins it's a non-speaking time. If conversation is necessary, please move outside the space. Feel free to make sound, but respect the silence as the dance waves open and close. Please be mindful to turn OFF your cell phone before entering the dance space. Participation: All who enter agree to participate. The opening and closing circles are important to the cohesion of the group. Please arrive on time and stay until the end whenever possible. If you choose to witness learn to take in the whole room and everyone in it without staring or judging. As a witness you are not just a passive observer, but a part of the dance experience. Boundaries and Dancing with Others: You have the right and responsibility to maintain your own boundaries. Ask non-verbally for permission to dance with, or touch, someone else. Please honor their boundaries and be willing to getting a "no" or no response at all. If you choose to dance with someone, how long you remain in the dance is up to you. Please move on when you know you are ready. When you dance with AMC you dance in a community. Your personal dance exploration is the essence of this practice. We ask for your sensitivity to how your expressiveness impacts others. Please be aware of the dance we do between authenticity and community culture. The expressive nature of our practice naturally means that we encounter each other's energy along the way. We encourage feedback between dancers, whether incidents are supportive or confusing. Facilitators are available to help. Children are welcome at AMC Dance Waves. Here's some information to help you and your child have an enjoyable time at the wave: SAFETY: There can be a lot of moving bodies. Although everyone is responsible for their own safety on the floor, you're also responsible for the safety and supervision of your child. RESPECT: The dance wave is a no-conversation time and children need to be lovingly reminded not to talk. There are three particular times when we ask that children be quiet, settled, and in your presence -- during opening circle, during the finishing music at the end of the wave, and during closing circle. If it is clear that their energy is physically or verbally distracting during these times, we ask you to please step outside with them and return when you can. PROTECTION: The music can be loud. To protect tender ears, we recommend that you use earplugs for your child. On Sundays, there is free childcare at the second wave. Our childcare provider is compensated and will also accept your tips, but that is completely voluntary for you. Photography or videotaping during an AMC dance is strictly prohibited! For more information, please see our website at: