Free Seminar on Weight Loss: The three missing links for long term success

David Essel @davidessel20

Premier Executive Center - Fort Myers, FL
5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd

Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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This free seminar, will offer you information to finally get off of the yo-yo dieting, the yo-yo weight loss, and create long-term success regardless if you’d like to lose 10 pounds or 300 pounds Approximately 70% of the residents in the United States are either overweight or obese… And this seminar can radically diminish that number, if you truly desire long-term weight loss. David has been teaching his weight-loss program for over 24 years, and within the last year even was brought on staff through a bariatric center, where he continues to help people understand the keys to ongoing weight loss prior to gastric surgery and afterwards. This seminar is for everyone, including people who are considering gastric bypass, or have gone through it, or who simply want to get the correct information to lose the weight they want to free of surgery. In the seminar, David will go over the following steps to help you achieve the weightloss you dream of: Number one. The power of the mind. Most weight loss programs do not go anywhere near the depth that David teachers in regards to the conscious and subconscious mind, cravings, desires, emotional eating and everything that’s wrapped up into using food as a way to try to soothe our mind, body and spirit. Through this seminar, we will go into great detail about the power of the mind and how to use it to your advantage during the weight-loss process. Once you turn the subconscious mind into your ally, and stead of your enemy, losing weight will be a natural part of your daily existence. Number two. Nutritional supplementation. David will explain the benefits of proper supplements for your gut health, intestinal health, as well as your mind, mood and more. There are over 20 incredibly powerful supplements that will give you an edge on losing the weight you desire for good. Number three. Diet and exercise? What diet is the best one for long-term weight loss? What exercise programs are the best for long-term weight loss? David will go into many different options regarding dietary changes as well as changes to your exercise program that will give you a leg up in starting and finishing your program for long-term weight loss. David’s clients, some who have lost over 130 pounds and kept it off for 17 years, will attest to the power of this program that is unique in the world of weight loss and success. He’ll share stories about people like Evelyn Keiling, who he wrote about in his number one best-selling book, “FOCUS! Slay your goals“, who lost over 240 pounds and went on to become a leading champion for people who need to lose large of mounds of weight. Make your best decision right now, and attend this incredible seminar to get the information needed so that you can release once and for all the frustrations that come with carrying extra weight in your life. Join us in person at David’s Fort Myers office, or via teleconference from anywhere in the world! Tell your friends, family members and coworkers that this is the weight-loss program they been waiting for! WHAT: Free Seminar on Weight Loss: The three missing links for long term success with #1 Best Selling Author, life coach, counseler David Essel WHEN: Monday, June 3rd @ 6pm – 7pm WHERE: Premier Executive Center, 5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd., Fort Myers, Florida, 33907 If you do not live in the Florida area, but want to listen in - you can call the following conference number: 605-472-5520 ex. 879089 HOW: For more information, and to register please visit www.DavidEssel.com We hope to have you there! ***STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE LATEST FREE SEMINARS IN FT. MYERS. DAVID WILL ALSO COVER FINANCIAL FREEDOM & MORE FOR THE RESIDENTS OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA IN THE UPCOMING MONTHLY EVENTS. JOIN THE E-MAIL LIST AT WWW.DAVIDESSEL.COM TO KEEP UP WITH THE MOST CURRENT EVENTS! ***