FREE Comedy EastSide! Great Laughs!


The Lime - Kirkland, WA
8544 122nd Ave NE

Wed, May 1, 2019 at 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM

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This is a reminder for a Great Comedy Night at The Lime in Kirkland. You may witness the next Dave Chappelle! Come on down and make some new friends ! My buddy Skippy will host this fun night! Did I mention it’s also $1.00 Taco and $5.00 Margarita Night too??!! Come out on next Tuesday! Show starts at 7:30pm. Show up at 7:00 or shortly after to have time to mingle and order anything before the show starts. Come see some funny headlining comedians, and some pretty good comedy openers, for FREE with a bunch of other Meetup people. This event is cross posted so there will be quite a few others enjoying themselves. There will be tables set aside for Meetup groups, you will not be alone. If you have any trouble finding us just look for Skippy, or the staff, and they’ll point you to the tables. Come on out for some great laughs !