Fort Funston, San Francisco; Hike Leaders: Chris & Maureen Oakes

Hayward Club @haywardhikingclub

Weekes Park. Carpools DEPART PROMPTLY 15 minutes after meeting time. Please arrive early. Patrick Ave, 2.5 blks N of Tennyson - Hayward, CA
27182 Patrick Ave

Sat, May 4, 2019 at 2:45 PM - 10:00 PM

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If you HAVE QUESTIONS about the hike, or you would like to meet at the trailhead instead of carpooling, please CONTACT THE LEADER DIRECTLY at the phone number or email below. This is important because the leader might not see a message you post here. NOTE: Our hikes are in wilderness areas where there are no facilities. Bring a lunch and liquids (2 liters or more if recommended) and extra clothing. The trails may be steep, rough, narrow, or slippery. Wear hiking boots with good traction. Trekking poles are often helpful. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and use sunscreen. Please ARRIVE 10 to 15 MINUTES EARLY at the carpool location. The time given is our DEPARTURE time. Carpool expenses are shared. Each passenger pays the driver 11 cents per mile. We ask for a mere $10 per year in membership dues. There is no "per hike" fee. You are welcome to join us for free on your first hike. No pets, please. To pay the $10 Annual Dues, please visit our Website: . Click on "Join or Renew". Credit/Debit/Paypal is accepted, or check by mail. Thanks! HIKE DESCRIPTION: May 4 – 8:00 Weekes Park Hike Leaders: Chris & Maureen Oakes Email: Cell: 510-331-6654 Fort Funston. Maureen’s birthday hike. Maureen and Chris Oakes are hosting a hike in San Francisco. We will meet at 8 am at Weekes Park (or 8:45 at the Fort Funston parking lot). Our plan is to walk around Lake Merced, and then have lunch on the dunes at Fort Funston. This hike will be about 6 miles in total with little elevation change. We look forward to seeing you there. Happy Hiking!