FoodTrip! let's Enjoy Brunch at the Lake Elmo Inn, Way Out in the Countryside!

Chris Hoppe @chrishoppe

Lake Elmo Inn - Lake Elmo, MN
3442 Lake Elmo Ave N

Sun, May 26, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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I am finally going to try the Lake Elmo Inn after hearing about it for so long! It's changed a lot since I was there as a kid. 50 years will do that I guess,.... just ask my waistline! (Baadaa bumm, shishhhh!) But seriously folks, this spot has a fancy buffet, with a fancy price, that should satisfy anyone and be worth the drive. Here is how they advertise it in their own words.... "Our brunch includes an ever-flowing glass of champagne or our nonalcoholic champagne, which is a sweet catawba juice. Fresh caramel rolls are served to your table. Six different kinds of salads and fresh fruits Freshly smoked salmon and bagels with cream cheese An imported cheese platter Shrimp cocktail Homemade mini Belgian waffles or French toast Eggs Benedict A variety of sausages Made to order omelets Vegetables and a special starch of the week (rice, pasta or potato) A special entrée of the week We also have a carving station of double smoked ham and roast beef. Two portions of the buffet are dedicated to our award winning desserts. (Mini desserts such as Sin of the Inn, éclairs, cheesecakes, cookies, tarts, croustades, tortes, chocolate mousse etc.)" So!.... What's the cost? $29.00 for Adults $14.50 for Children (3 -11 years) Maybe you want to bring the kids and get them into Meetup early....? More from their website.... "We understand that a successful dining experience begins with a passion for the food you create, the service you provide and the value you offer. Our talented team of chefs take great care to select and pair only the finest ingredients to create tempting and memorable culinary experiences. Food tastes best when it’s kept simple. We use the freshest ingredients and prepare them in a way that enhances their natural flavors. Our food has earned numerous awards from noted establishments. However, the most valuable compliments, are the repeated reservations from patrons like you. We are proud to have been a popular dining destination in the Twin Cities for over three decades for life’s special occasions and a favorite stop for guests needing the comfort of a fine meal and reprieve from the stresses of life. From our original restaurant, the Lake Elmo Inn, then expanding to our Event Center and catering division, we still strive to every day to provide “World Class Dining Close to Home”. " Here are a few weblinks to click for more information.... Don't go out to eat the night before, you'll want to have an appetite big enough to sample what I expect is a lavish feast in a classy, yet quaint, setting.... The Lake Elmo Inn, BTW.... I organized this for eleven different Meetup groups. If you only see my RSVP, don't worry - there will be a lot of people from Meetup to congregate with and have fun together. All are welcome, it's an inclusive event for everybody. Just drop in, ask the host or hostess for the Meetup group,.... Meetup with all of us and have a good time! See you at the Lake Elmo Inn! your Host/organizer, Chris Hoppe T.T.F.N.