Food for the Homeless (Long Beach)

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St Luke's Episcopal Church - Long Beach, CA
525 E 7th St

Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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Hi. If you are using the Meetup mobile app on your phone, look down a few lines below and tap the red-colored "Read more" to expand the description. TAP THIS --------- If you are using a computer or laptop/notebook, then you should be fine. Okay, everybody should now be able to see the full description on their screen. Reminder for everyone: If Meetup sends too many emails, then look at the bottom of their email and click Unsubscribe or Manage your settings or account page. Recommended for anyone new to this group or volunteering for the first time: https://www.meetup.com/LAVolunteer/events/154455182 ____________________ Hi. Would anyone want to attend this event and help host? Hosting isn't hard. It involves being a point of contact in case others sign up and want to meet & volunteer together. If your plans/availability change, and you can't attend anymore, that's fine, just let us know and maybe someone else can step up to host, but if not, it's okay and we can cancel this meetup. ____________________ FAQ Q: Why can't I just show up? If I sign up here on Meetup, why do I have to also sign up with another person? A: I don't want anyone to show up to find out the event is canceled / rescheduled, or that they have too many volunteers and room isn't available for you to help. Registering with them will save you a spot with them and they can confirm the date, start time, address, parking info, instructions, and updates if anything changes. Scroll down for more info on how to register with them. ____________________ I try to spread the word about volunteer opportunities and raise awareness about non-profits/charities that do good work. This event, Manna Meals, is from a church group, Saint Luke's Episcopal. http://www.stlukeslb.org/outreach.html "For over 30 years on each second and fourth Saturday of the month, we offer a hot meal to our homeless friends, and needy neighbors." "We serve around 200-300. The meal on the 2nd Saturday is prepared and served by Los Altos United Methodist Church in our Parish Hall." "St. Luke’s prepares and serves the meal on the 4th Saturday. The meal consists of salad, bread & butter, cooked vegetables, casserole with meat, milk, punch, fruit, and dessert." "Volunteers are welcome to help prepare and serve food, as we help about 250 people." "Starting time in the kitchen is 9 AM and we are usually finished by 12:30 PM." My guess is help is needed with setup, food prep, cooking, serving, and cleanup. ____________________ I try to avoid posting personal email addresses, so if anyone wants to help, ....go to the bottom of their website - http://www.stlukeslb.org/get-involved.html and move your mouse cursor over Patricia Waldeck or Joyce Howard and either left or right click to get their email address. If anyone is using the Meetup app on their phone (and not a web browser), then instead of http://www.stlukeslb.org/get-involved.html go to http://www.stlukeslb.org/outreach.html and Patricia Waldeck's email is at the bottom of the page. - She/They can answer if volunteers are needed this Saturday and provide more info/details (when to arrive, what to help with, what to bring, where to meet, etc.). Some volunteers cook food/dishes at home beforehand and bring them, while some cook at the church kitchen. They normally serve/eat inside their dining room, but the day I went, they served/ate outside so my photos don't reflect what they typically do. They usually cook in the kitchen and serve in their dining room. Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1839262019517166 ____________________ The church parking lot is accessible from 7th St or Linden Ave. https://goo.gl/maps/fcca3z4TdV22 After parking, walk through the entrance that is between "A" and "B." You'll pass a small hallway/garden. You might see people standing/sitting outside. They probably are waiting for the showers and meal. Look for a door next to a "D" and walk down the hallway. The kitchen and dining room will be on the right side. The project leader, such as Patricia, should inform you on what to help with (setup, food chopping, serving, etc.).