Feedback Friday // August // CPHUX

Helena Levison @helenalevison

Symbion Fruebjergvej - København
Fruebjergvej 3

Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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SIGN UP HERE Feedback Friday is a casual space to present what you're working on and then get feedback (with beers...) 3 people/teams get 30mins each to pitch and get feedback on their project by the participants in the audience. So if the presenter talks for 20 mins he/she will only have 10 mins of feedback time. This is NOT a setup to be judgmental regarding others project, it's a safe space to show what you've been working on and get concrete and constructive feedback. NOTE: There's a 100 DKK No-Show-Fee! AGENDA 17:00 - Welcome, network and beers 17:20 - Intro round 17:30 - First presenter 18:00 - 15 min break 18:15 - Second presenter 18:45 - 15 min break 19:00 - Third presenter 19:30 - Networking and goodnight FEEDBACKER Your most important task is to provide the presenter with support and constructive feedback. The presenters can be very nervous even if you can't tell, so be nice. During the presentation please take notes so you don't forget your good advice. In the feedback session, pay attention to other peoples feedback so we don't repeat feedback. Try to be concise, and give feedback based on what the presenter wants feedback on, if they asked for feedback on the user flow, don't get caught up on the visuals. After the feedback session, you'll get a sheet to fill out which is anonymous feedback for the presenter PRESENTER There'll only be 3 presenter slots. You have 30 mins and should come prepared, preferably with a Keynote presentation. The more precise you can be on what you want feedback on, the better the feedback quality will be. Asking "What do you think?" after a 10 min presentation is super vague and breed vague feedback. Concise if you want feedback on the user flow, the visuals, or ideas on how to gamify the experience. Have a notebook ready to take notes on your feedback (or get someone to do it for you) Practice active listening when you get feedback, don't interrupt or become defensive, people are here to help you, not to bring you and your product/service down. If you are a team, you only have to buy one presenter ticket, the rest of the team should get audience tickets. Please email ASAP so we can promote you on Social Media: - Oneliner about the business - Oneliner on what you'd like feedback on - Picture of the person(s) presenting - Logo ----------- FAQs What can I bring to the event? Bring your notebook, a pen, and your awesome self. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No, let's save some trees. What if I can't make it? You can cancel your ticket right up until the event starts. Go to Eventbrite's website (NOT the app), login in with the email you ordered the ticket with. Go to 'Tickets' and then you can cancel it. NOTE that you cannot cancel by emailing the organizing team. NOTE: There's a 100 DKK No-Show-Fee! ----------- FINANCIAL TECHNICALITIES : PRESENTER ticket is 250 DKK but a FEEDBACKER ticket is FREE In case you as a PRESENTER can't make it, find someone to take over your place. CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations can only be done through Eventbrite, writing the organizer is not a valid cancelation! Cancel your ticket by going to the Desktop version of Eventbrite, log on, find your ticket and press Cancel Order. (That simple) NO-SHOW FEE: There's a 100 DKK NO-SHOW FEE. If you don't show up you'll receive an email with further instructions. Note that after 2 No shows, you'll be blocked from our future event until you've paid the outstanding fees. ------------- SIGN UP HERE