Frequently Asked Questions

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What is IRL?

IRL, short for “in real life,” is a group messenger social network. Unlike other group messengers, (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.), IRL is a platform that enables users to expand their interests and passions by discovering new groups, communities, and events. In short, IRL is all about going beyond just followers, and instead making friends and meaningful experiences.

What is IRL’s mission?

IRL’s principle mission is to reinvigorate the social space with intimacy and genuineness. IRL aims to smooth the core difficulties people encounter in social spaces: finding/knowing topics of conversation to keep people engaged and finding meaningful activities to do with others in their local or online communities. To reduce these barriers, IRL has focused on three core competencies:


When communicating with others, expression plays a foundational role. IRL offers many wonderfully animated emojis for users to facilitate expression/intimacy in groups and the ability for anyone to generate their own personalized memes. In addition, IRL allows users to create polls, prompts, and breakout conversations in groups. All of these features coalesce together to create an intimate and genuine conversation.

Secondly, IRL contains an integrated social calendar. Individuals can seamlessly plan in-person or online events with their other group members/friends on the platform. All within a group, members can create an event for a specific time/day, set a reminder that the event is occurring, and start a chat thread for that event. IRL helps people deepen social experiences by going beyond just a regular chat. It provides users the ability to get together for meaningful experiences.

Lastly, unlike other group messaging platforms, IRL’s social discovery network allows users to FIND their community. Instead of coming online with a group in mind, one can explore many groups and interests on the IRL Explore Page. Regardless of one’s personal network, friends can always be made in IRL’s ecosystem.

How old do you need to be in order to use IRL?

You are required to be at least 13 years or older to register and use IRL.

Can I delete my account?

Anytime. Just navigate to settings and select 'Delete Account'. We'll delete your data from the database.

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