El Corte De Madera OSP: 10.4 mile Moderate Hike

Kal A. @kala1

16040 Skyline Blvd - Redwood City
16040 Skyline Boulevard

Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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CARPOOL REQUEST COMMENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED DUE TO THE LARGE SIZE OF THE GROUP. Please read below how to carpool. Distance: 10.4 miles, loop. Hiking Time: 5 hours Elevation Gain/ Loss ± 1,705 feet Difficulty: Moderate Official Trail Use: No Dogs Shade: The route is partly shaded so bring sun protection. Please read our tutorial for hiking in the sun: Facilities: Pit Toilets PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO GO BEFORE YOU ARRIVE SO WE CAN START ON TIME. MROSD Permit: Pending Permit limit is 49 people. Therefore, please be considerate and update your RSVPs at least 24 hours before the event start time, to give someone else a reasonable amount of time to make it. I have limited the RSVPs to 90, as I expect some individuals not to show up. RECOMMENDED MAP: DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Please use the Google Maps link above to familiarize yourself with the trip and explore various route options from your home. Zoom in all the way. The GPS locations below and the map link above are accurate enough to find us by looking around with your eyes when you get there. (Most Cars) GPS Degrees Minutes Seconds Format: 37°23'58.0"N 122°17'43.2"W (Google Maps) GPS Degrees Decimal Format: 37.399441,-122.295332 Nearest street address: 16040 Skyline Boulevard, Redwood City, CA PARKING DIRECTIONS: At south parking lot - Gate CM00. See the recommended map CARPOOLING: We will use this link for carpooling: Please sign up here. CARPOOLING MANNERS: Please refrain from trying to negotiate your carpool in the comments, as it is equivalent to sending multiple "Reply All" emails to everyone. Please start your carpool quest, by first adding yourself to the carpool link above. Then, use the contact info provided by the driver or rider in the link above to contact them directly and privately. Please be considerate of others and resist the urge to "Reply All". Thank you for understanding. SUMMARY: Hidden amid a dense forest of redwoods and Douglas firs are the unique sandstone formations of El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve. The monolithic sandstone formations at the end of the Tafoni Trail are the main attraction. Although similar in appearance to the rock outcrops at nearby Castle Rock State Park, the sandstone at El Corte de Madera Creek is composed of a softer, more fragile substance. You don’t find any rock climbers here. The formations stand completely alone in the forest; they’re unlike anything else along the trail. The rest of the preserve is primarily trees and more trees, including some magnificent old Douglas firs and younger redwoods. You hike through acres of dense woodland and then suddenly they appear— huge sandstone beasts looming 50 feet high. HIKING DIRECTIONS: Start on Sierra Morena trail for 0.3 miles to arrive at a four way junction. Take sharp left on to Gordon Mill trail for 0.6 miles, and stay on the trail as you see Steam Donkey Trail on your left. Stay on Gordon Mill for another 0.7 miles to arrive at fork with Crossover Trail. Take the right fork to enter Crossover Trail. Take the switchbacks on Crossover trail to arrive at Crosscut Trail. Take a sharp left, to enter Crosscut trail for 0.4 miles to arrive at Timberview Trail. Head straight onto Timberview. After 0.2 more miles we will arrive at the Old Growth Redwood area on the left. Continue for 0.3 miles to the junction with Giant Salamander trail turning right onto Giant Salamander for 1.1 miles to arrive at a junction with Methuselah trail. Turn right onto Methuselah for 0.3 miles to arrive at a junction with Fir trail on the left. Take Fir trail for 0.6 miles for a junction with Resolution trail. Stay to the right on Fir for 0.1 miles to arrive at Vista Point on the left. Here you will see the BCPA Flight 304 Memorial. After enjoying the view at Vista Point continue on Fir trail for 0.2 miles to arrive back at the first junction, and take Resolution Trail on your right for 2.7 miles to arrive at junction with Tafoni Trail. Take the sharp right to enter Tafoni Trail for 0.8 miles to arrive at a junction where the trail you are on and the two forks are all called Tafoni Trail. Take the left fork and head down 0.1 miles to the Sandstone Formation. Retrace your steps back up 0.1 miles to the previous junction and take the other fork which is now on your left. Take it for 450 ft to arrive at a four way junction with Fir Trail. Head straight across to enter Fir trail for 0.2 miles, take a right for 0.1 miles to arrive at Methuselah trail. Take a left onto Methuselah trail for 0.4 miles, to arrive at a junction with Timberview trail on your right. Stay to the left on Methuselah Trail for 0.4 miles for a junction with Sierra Morena Trail. Head straight on to Sierra Morena Trail. Pass two junctions on the right to arrive at a junction with Molder Trail on the left. After 0.4 miles, you arrive back at the first four way junction. This time go straight to arrive at your starting point after 0.2 miles. • PLEASE READ THE EVENT DESCRIPTION ABOVE BEFORE POSTING A MESSAGE.