Divorce Resource and Support Group - Divorce/Separation Arena

Dorothy Briggs @dorothybriggs1

ADR Institute of Alberta - Edmonton, AB
3697 Mill Woods Rd NW

Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 12:30 AM - 2:30 AM

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Our group is designed to help people move through a divorce and/or separation. We encourage the people going through a divorce or separation to attend our meetings to learn about all the different resources and process options available to them in this difficult time. You will be face to face with divorce professionals who can answer your concerns and questions regarding your situation in confidence. Our keynote speakers will inform on issues that pertain to divorce/separation. Re: Education based. Some examples of the diverse resources and supports that attendees can learn more about are: Family Law, Mediation, Grief Recovery, Trustee, Financial, Real Estate, Insurance, Neurological – Mental Health, Relationship Trauma, Co-Parenting and more. No membership fee or monthly dues - please register so we know you are attending. Please call Dorine Kielly if you feel more comfortable not registering online at 780-668-3165 Structured protocol – respectful of time – start and finish ADR Institute 3697 Millwoods Rd - TOWER #1 ROOM 225 - Millbourne Market Mall (Full food court available for those who would prefer to have dinner before the meeting) www.divorcemagazinecanada.com www.divorcesymposium.ca www.meetup.com Divorce Resource Group 780-761-3000