Day Trip to Brighton

Anne-Marie Hayllar @annemariehayllar

Portsmouth Harbour Station Pier - Portsmouth

Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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Time for another Day trip for our Meetup group, this time to Brighton and your organiser (me) has done all the organising so you don't have to fret over train times etc! No engineering works on this day unless it's before 8am or after 10pm so that's good. For those starting from Portsmouth Harbour then Portsmouth & Southsea and then Fratton it will be a Southwest train to Havant where you get off and meet me and my crew before we all get on the Southern train to Brighton. Remember if there are 3-9 people all starting at the same station, you can get Group Travel, as long as you travel there and back together. Even better the train back, the Portsmouth people don't have to change trains at all, we can all travel back together. I suggest you all comment on the comments on this event to find which station you will all start from and whether you can get Group Travel. I will not be responsible if you miss the train though or mis-read my instructions for this trip. You can do whatever you choose to do in Brighton, this will be your time to explore! However I do look forward to hearing about your adventures on the train ride home. Now 8:32am South West train from Portsmouth Harbour- 8:37am at Portsmouth & Southsea-8:41 Fratton and getting into Havant at 8:50am then GET OFF at Havant. Our Southern Train leaves Havant at 9:02am and gets to Brighton at 10:22am. Proposing that we get the Southern Train back from Brighton, it leaves at 4:30pm and getting back to Portsmouth Harbour at 6:07pm. It is a slower train but it does mean that those returning to Portsmouth don't have to faff around. 50p meetup fee applies xx see you at Havant!