Dance Therapy Lite + Group Sharing

Irene Anggreeni @ireneanggreeni

Codarts, University of the Arts - Rotterdam
Kruisplein 26

Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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Do you sometimes feel stuck in life? Going in circles, and not forward? How would you feel if you have other options? If you can empower yourself by exercising those options available to you? Dance, improvisation, movement, body-awareness is how we can embody these options in the here and now. Not only you feel good and recharged afterward, it's also literally rewiring your brain (yay! neuroplasticity). Dancing makes you smarter, and happier too! So in this hour, we revisit our movement patterns and how these are reflective of our attitude in life. We allow inner themes to be expressed in movement. Get the mind off the way, and reconnect with our body and feelings. All level of experience is welcome. WE FOCUS on connecting with our body, playful connection with others, and creative expression. After the Dance Therapy Lite session, be welcome to our group sharing where we practice non-judging & compassion by listening & sharing with each other. IMPORTANT Please fill out our signup survey: https://bit.ly/DanceTherapyLiteSignup PRICE DT Lite only € 20 DT Lite + Group Sharing € 25 Student price € 15 IN THIS SESSION, YOU WILL: * Increase your body awareness, incl. activation & relaxation, exertion & recuperation, * Learn body/movement-based tools to recover from stress and feel confident again, * Play with creativity and expressive qualities to apply in your daily life (think e.g. assertiveness, presence, self-care). QUESTION? Email irene@expat-wellbeing.nl, call 0641286722, or visit our website www.expat-wellbeing.nl ABOUT THE FACILITATOR Irene Anggreeni, MA, dance movement psychotherapist with intercultural & corporate experience, facilitates the sessions. An ex-engineer/ academic expat from Indonesia, she’s breaking the taboo about mental health with this project. She’s launched this integrative therapy program based on creative, embodied (not just talk), mindful values of dance movement psychotherapy. For those, who find words are not (or have been) enough, and need extra community support to pull it through!