D&D 5e - The Fated of Kyme: The Age of Ash Campaign

Braden Swayne @bradenswayne

Plus One Gaming - Cincinnati , OH
11951 Hamilton Avenue

Fri, May 24, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 3:00 AM

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This game is being offered by Plus One Gaming for a small fee of $8 which gets you a free gift and guarantees continuous sessions run by an experienced GM. Kyme, a world scarred by the wars of the past, remnants of empires risen and fallen. Now nearly 300 years since the War of Extinction that led all of Kyme to the brink of oblivion, it is the dawning of a new age for Kyme, an age of peace. As the dead had become innumerable and the destruction of all loomed ever nearer an arcane faction known as the Arkyme emerged to broker a peace, but with great sacrifice. This hard fought peace has endured now for generations, as all of Kyme has entered into an age of discovery of lost lore and ancient secrets. Though for all the efforts of the Arkyme Council, deep divisions are still harbored by former enemies, though the emergence of other races at the end of the war allowed for the enmity to shift onto these new peoples. Explorers, adventurers, and mercenary guilds have flourished after the end of the war, a way for those compelled to seek out the dangers of an exceptional life. Setting themselves against the deadly and the insurmountable to follow or shape what fate awaits them. You are one of these individuals, one of the Fated of Kyme. The Campaign • The campaign setting is dark high fantasy, with a balance of realism and levity. • Races for the campaign have been homebrewed to fit thematically and provide gothic variants for the races which you can find on the site: • You are welcome to utilize the subclasses from D&D 5e Books or Unearthed Arcana with DM tailoring or overview if needed. • We will use the standard array or point buy for character creation. • Hit points will be determined by the average for the class. • We will start at level 10. • Please contact your DM Braden Swayne on Facebook or Meetup with any questions or to discuss character creation and backstory. Things To Bring • Pencils • Paper • Dice • Imagination As with all our games, No Experience Necessary!