Cup of Wisdom Salon

Jonathan Oppenheimer @jonathanoppenheimer

Big East Fork Retreat - Franklin, TN
5375 Big East Fork Road

Sat, May 11, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

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Separated by race, ethnicity, gender, politics, religion, and class, people are increasingly angry and afraid. Many of us long for connection and a wisdom that transcends tribalism and competing religious fantasies. We wish to peer beyond the parochial to glimpse the perennial: to dive beneath the surface of religious beliefs and plumb the depths of spiritual truths, and to do so in the company of others with whom we can promote a more just, compassionate, and thriving world. Our Cup of Wisdom salon tries to do just that. We call them salons in the 18th century sense hoping they will be places for a diverse group of people to meet and talk and create things of beauty – friendships, community, and understanding and compassion for one another and the world. Built around Perennial Wisdom and Rabbi Rami's World Wisdom Bible, we host intimate, informal gatherings that honor the human religious impulse without promoting any specific religion, and cultivate open-ended conversation where doubt is welcome, questioning encouraged, and friendship is rooted in shared inquiry rather than shared theology. Our goals are three: to provide you with a safe place for doubt and dialogue; to explore you to Perennial Wisdom, the shared insights of the world’s great saints and sages at the mystic heart of all religion; and to invite you to reinvigorate your life and the life of your community through the power of conversation so that we might engage one another in real dialogue about the big ideas that can lead to the change we all seek.