Compassionate Mindful Meditation

Matthew Embrey @matthewembrey

Earthe Energe - Sparks
1023 Rock Boulevard

Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Participation is open to every level of meditation practice anyone could possess, from non-existent to rich and enlightened. Meditations begin with an immersive deep body scan to enlighten and relax the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body in preparation for the other portions of meditation. Each Friday the meditation is slightly different, as Matthew will begin to pick up on the healing energies coming in for the attendees a day or two in advance creating a purposeful healing experience for everyone. During meditation Matthew will also bathe each person in Karuna Reiki utilizing the specific symbols that will uniquely assist each individual with their current life assignment. Meditations are finished when the universal energies are finished giving to you, or 8pm, whichever comes first. In general, if you are searching for healing, motivation, inspiration, re-defining your routine, consistent ritual, expansion of your intuition, and/or an increase in your current of meditation practice YOU ARE MEANT LISTEN TO THAT INNER VOICE, & COME WHEN CALLED. All classes are designated by universal intention to be a suggested Prana pay donation of $10, though no-one is turned away. If you are looking for community and healing, please, with love-join us. Bio- Matthew C. Embrey-McClain As part of the first wave of Indigo Children charged with raising the vibration of our collective consciousness on this planet, Matthew C. Embrey-McClain had his spiritual gifts brought to his attention before the age of 11. One of his main missions on Earth is to spread Altruism for a happier healthier world. One way he accomplishes this is through his non-profit Compassionate Connections Matter. Perhaps you have seen him offerings Free Hugs at events around town to brighten peoples’ days? He also partners with many organizations in town including but not limited to: Earthe Energe-where he teaches his knowledge of meditation and coaches people down the path of compassionate mindfulness and altruism, On Common Ground-where he helps raise the vibration of their fundraising to divert unused grocer food from being wasted and help end food deserts in Nevada, and Eddy House-where provides meditation classes that help the clients remove blocks and empower their souls. His journey has led him in many directions since he was a young child. In high school Matthew became an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master. Along the way he has also expanded his Empath, Psychic, Intuitive, Mediumship, Channel, Tarot Reader, and Spiritual Guide abilities. He practices Compassionate Mindful Meditation and uses its teachings in all his endeavors. Some of Matthew’s favorite studies include the Diamond Path, the Work, Runes, and Shamanic traditions. With his business, Energetic Creations, he works with the universe to tap into people’s energies to create compassionate mindful artworks that he aligns, as well as, charges with Reiki and universal energies during the creation process to help facilitate ongoing healing on many levels. All people who are drawn to his art and healing are ready to make a shift to a higher more purpose driven life in order to further their current assignments that benefit all on this planet. Many people also give his unique art as gifts that inspire a heartfelt driven life. He will ask for a brief understanding of the person and then go into meditation and charge the artwork with intentional energies to help bring the appropriate wellness to the receiver. A one on one healing with Matthew is expansive. During the process he views many aspects of you including: the energy within, the trails you have taken, the paths open to and laid before you, as well as, messages from your guides and other entities are examined. The healing given will depend on what will best help you heal, grow, and/or transition into the next step of your journey.