Come ready to bump, set, spike, have fun, laugh, and meet new people! (All Play)


Husky Volleyball Club - Windsor, CT
30 Baker Hollow Road

Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 1:30 AM

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Arrive ready to play. Event time is 7PM to 9:30PM. No children please. This is the rule of the venue. All nets are set up ahead of time, no waiting. Games will begin at 7:15/7:30. We play with regulation balls and nets are set at men's regulation height. There is a $10 per person fee to cover the expense of the court(s). Please see Deena upon arrival to check in and pay fee. Teams will be assigned by organizer in the effort to keep teams equal (skill). Please RSVP ahead of time so teams can be created, keeping the event well organized. With this being said, if you are unable to attend, please change your RSVP. Courts need to be reserved ahead of time. As many as six courts can be reserved, but if I do not have an accurate count of who is coming, I may not reserve enough space. For every 12 people (6 each side) who RSVP, I will reserve another court. Therefore, you may be on a waiting list until enough have responded to equal another 12 (i.e. another court). You are welcome to bring others. Just mark your RSVP accordingly. Please, no walk ons. Post volleyball, those young at heart may continue socializing at nearby Buffalo Wild Wings. BWW offers a 10% food discount for us. Come prepared. The night is young!!! We are all here to have fun. All suggestions to improve this event are welcomed. Good sportsmanship builds teamwork, character, and exhibits respect, honor, discipline, kindness, inclusion, resilience, perseverance, and more. The benefits of good sportsmanship are many. When one enjoys active play, they look forward to sports and exercise as a chance to make new friends and develop new skills. This is what NEVAS is all about! Good sportsmanlike behavior is expected to be displayed at all times. There will be consequences for unsportsmanlike conduct as follows: First offense: Warning Second Offense: 2 Weeks without Play (hopefully while off, they contemplate their action) Third Offense: One Month without play Final and Forth Offense: No longer a member of NEVAS and will be blocked By clicking "yes" for this event, you agree, warrant, and covenant as follows: In consideration for accepting this entry, I, the registrant, intending to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my heirs, my executors and administrators, do waive and release any and all rights for damages I may have against any parties or persons connected with the New England Volleyball And Socializing (NEVAS) meet up group for and related to the above listed event. I attest and verify that I am physically fit to participate in any portion of this above listed event. I grant NEVAS permission to use any photographs, film or videotapes of this event for any purpose.