Children's Meditation(Group B)

Anna Kim @annakim

Won-buddhism Of Fresno Temple - Fresno, CA
455 E Scott Ave

Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 10:30 PM - 12:00 AM

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Children's Meditation Programs that raise concentration, heal subconscious, and make life happier - Increase self-confidence and make a happy life. - Artistic, creativity, memorization, discussion, Sociability, courtesy, moral improvement. Age: 5 ~ 15 years old & Parents Group A Start: May 20th. Every Monday, Thursday from 10 am to 11:30 am Group B Start: May 20th. Every Monday, Thursday from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm 6 month course (monthly registration) [Goals of the Meditation] 1. It treats the problem of mentality by meditation. 2. Raise the ability to deal with difficult situations (when you are unwell, when you are angry). 3. Learn good lifestyle, etiquette. 4. Raise self-ability and volunteer ability. 5. Improve artistry, concentration, creativity, memorization, discussion, Sociability, etiquette, and morality... [Background of planning] Loving children is simple and difficult. Children do not learn from their parents' mouths, but learn from their lives. I want to teach children how to live a happy life, but sometimes I am not happy at all. It's easy, but it's not easy. We sometimes recommend meditation for parents and children who are too hard to understand. Meditation is learning to be silent. Every sound comes out of silence. Every sound returns to silence. Silence is the source of all beings. Silence is the source of all wisdom. Silence is nothing but tells the right direction in our lives. I have all the answers to who I am and how I should live. Silence is a map of Treasure Island. Treasure Island is full of infinite treasures, infinite wisdom and infinite happiness. If we learn to be silent, we can find infinite treasure within me. If you need, you can take out any wisdom. Children are happy if their parents are happy. If you seek out your heart, true love and happiness will be far away. All parents want to fulfill their dreams. All parents pray that their children will live happily. But what I do not have can not be given to children either. Do not be shy here, and travel with your child to find true happiness. [Principles of Meditation] Children are curious about the world. People go sightseeing in search of a beautiful place to the outside world. But I do not even think about beauty that I can not imagine in me. There is an infinite beautiful world in me. It is not only beautiful but also the center of the universe, the throne of space. When I get there, the universe becomes my home. If we meditate hard, we will become the master of the universe, sitting on the throne of the royal palace with five enlightenments. But even if you do not fully realize it, you will not live a slave of money, a slave of material pleasure, a slave of laziness, and an unhappy life. We will know who I am, what we should live for, and what true life and happiness are. Give this precious gift to children, this precious opportunity. [Main program] Simple yoga, Listening Meditation, Play Meditation, Clean Meditation, Eating Meditation, Diary writing Meditation, Reading and discussing Meditation. Principles of Meditation Lecture. [History of Won Dharma Meditation] 1. Started in South Korea in 1916. 2. Made with enlightenment and scientific principles. And respects and learns about other religions and ideas. 3. Has meditation, education, and volunteer activities worldwide. 4. In South Korea, there are hundreds of kindergartens, schools, universities, an educational establishment, hospitals, welfare centers, and meditation centers. 5. There are more than 30 centers in the United States with meditation and children's education. Recommendation: Children and parents are together. Our Meetup welcome, under the age of 18 must have a parent or a guardian with them. Address: 455 E SCOTT Ave. Fresno, CA 93710. (We have insurance for children.) Registration: Text Please) 559-682-8335 (Text: Child & Parent name, Group A OR B) Fee: Suggested Donation $40 ~$100 (For a month course) More Information https://wonbuddhismfresno.org/