Chaos-Tournament valid for individual card games rankings 2019


Lavinia's - Saint George, UT
3626 Desert Hills Drive

Wed, May 29, 2019 at 12:30 AM - 3:30 AM

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Chaos is played similarly to Hearts whereby players try to avoid taking tricks that contain certain cards. Unlike Hearts, the cards to be avoided change depending on the specific hand being played thus requiring players to modify their playing strategies accordingly throughout the game. Game rules will be reviewed:If you never played the game before please come at 6.00pm for a practice hand. Chaos is a short games so we will play 3 rounds. Please find a replacement for yourself if you want to sign out 2 weeks or less before this event and no one is in the wait list. there are 4 on the wait list, I will open another table 6.30 pm is the starting time, please come over some minutes earlier. new members are required to send me a phone number to contact them , to set their meetup for private messages and post a picture of themselves. . Cell phone calls are restricted to very urgent matters Once you are in you are supposed not to leave before the end of the games Feel free to help yourself with food and drinks but please dont take any initiative before asking me. If you are on the waiting list your have to double check if you are getting in. I dont send any remind.If you think you might not be anymore available , just sign out of the waiting list.