Jack Tokugawa @jacktokugawa

Grand Caribe Shoreline Park - Coronado
509 Grand Caribe Causeway

Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 5:30 AM

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Happy Fourth of July! Let's celebrate our country's independence by going sailing and watching the Big Bay Boom from the water. We will pick up, on the beach, at Grand Caribe Shoreline Park at 1/2 hour before we depart from the meetup start time. Once we get in position and drop the hook, we'll fire up the grill and barbecue. Please post what you are planning to bring so everyone can be made aware and also so we don't end up with 200 hot dog buns. Please be aware of the raw meat restriction. I have recently had problems with no shows so I will be testing an overbooking the sail policy, just like the airlines do. Signups will still be based on a first come first served basis for the folks going on the sail. However, only the first 8 members will be allowed onto the sail (for a total of 10 sailors). If you don't make it onto the GO list, just sign up on the waitlist. Then, on the day of the sail, show up at dockside and if there is a no show, the waitlist people will get onto the sail. It's just like flying standby with the airlines. As such, RSVPs are open now. Read the following directions and instructions carefully and completely. We will meet at the location specified on the Meetup RSVP site. Please review the destination and note the RSVP start time is the time we leave, so be there a half hour early for boarding. Please don't be late or you will hold everyone else up or may even miss the boat. Call me if you need directions. After you sign up on meetup, message me through meetup with your cell phone number if you have not already so that I can reach you if there is a change of plans or something unexpected happens. I will message you privately and provide my cell number to you once I get yours. NO NUMBER, NO SAIL CARRY a clean or unworn pair of white bottomed shoes or non-marking boat shoes to wear on the boat. Wear a SEPARATE pair of street shoes or flip flops to walk to the boat and plan to leave them in a box kept on the boat. Dark soled and street shoes leave track marks and bring dirt onto the boat and will not be allowed. However, if you prefer to go barefoot like I do, just leave your shoes in the box and climb aboard! Safety/orientation briefing for the entire group starts after all are onboard and present and we'll cast off after the briefing is over. If you haven't sailed with me recently, you must attend the safety/orientation briefing. Please bring something to eat, drink or share because it adds a festive air to the sail. There is a large salon table where we can lay out all food items and there will be a large cooler with ice to keep drinks cold. There is no restriction on alcohol quantity or type except red wine is only allowed in the cockpit, not in the salon. There is also a full head on the boat so you do not have to hold it the whole time. I get asked from time to time what food items should I bring so I prepared a list of what folks have brought in the past and were well received. Here is the link to the list: https://www.meetup.com/Coronado-Catamaran-Sailing/files/ For any sails where we are going to barbecue on the boat, please do not bring raw meat due to proper cooking health concerns. Fortunately, we aren't cooking on this sail. It is best to also dress in layers as it WILL be cooler if the wind picks up or if it is an evening sail. if the wind slows, you can always peel off layers as it can be warmer in the sun. Please note that you will be required to sign a Release of Liability waiver in order to participate in this sail. Captain Jack