CASUAL TENNIS at Roseville Middle School


Roseville Area Middle School - Little Canada
15 County Road B2 E

Sun, May 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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OK, it's starting to warm up, and it's time for TENNIS you guys! We might need sweatshirts, but that's OK, right?? Come on out, swing your racket and have some fun! Come join us for a an hour or two of casual, social tennis. You don't have to be a semi-pro. All skill levels are welcome and we'll divide into two groups - "casual players" that would prefer to just volley back and forth without keeping score, and "serious players" who want to play actual games and sets, (and don't mind adding more stress to their lives). But of course, friendly competition is always a good way to stretch your skills! So whether you've been playing indoors all winter and have your serve totally dialed-in this spring, or like the rest of us who wonder if the sweet spot actually fell off while the racket hung in the closet - no worries! We're all rusty at first, but we'll get better as the season gets under way. CHANGE OF PLANS? Please be courteous and change your RSVP to "No" (even at the last minute), so we don't worry about you, OK? And - it gives those on the waitlist a chance to join us. PLEASE BE ON TIME Plan to get there a bit early, OK? We'll get everyone together at 9:00, do short introductions, and hit the courts shortly after. WHAT TO BRING ☆ Your racket (duh) ☆ Plenty of water (lemon wedge or tea bag optional) ☆ Sunglasses / visor / hat ☆ Sunscreen (if you're Norwegian like me) ☆ Sturdy shoes (no Urgent Care visits!) NO NEED TO BRING BALLS (unless you want to) The 'Ball Bomb' (you'll see) holds 39 balls under 30 pounds of pressure. A brand-new can that goes "pssst" is 7 pounds. So - the balls we used last year should be plenty peppy, perky and bouncy. (Not sure I'll be…!) SOCIAL TIME AFTER Depending on who's in the mood, we may head out to a local place for a sandwich or beer or whatever. Sometimes the social time afterwards is actually more fun and entertaining than the event! NEED TO GET A HOLD OF ME? Cell: 612 462-5698 Sound good you guys? Ok, let's whack a ball! See you there! - Jim