Casual Discussion, Bring All Your Real Estate Investing Questions and Answers!

Marti Ryan @martimarshallryan

Tony Roma's - Bloomington
1607 Jumer Drive

Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 1:30 AM

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Casual discussion about real estate investing questions! Bring your questions, bring your deals, and share your knowledge! We've had great success with this live forum type of meeting. It gives everyone a chance to ask their questions and get advice from others in the group. We'll talk about anything real estate, and everyone gets a chance to ask questions and make comments, if they choose to! ** Menu Options ** Tony Roma's $8.88 lunch menu will be available to order from, as well as the regular dinner menu. Please also expect a charge of $2.00 to $4.00 to be added to your tab to help cover the cost of the meeting room. Tony Roma's/The Chateau does charge us a room charge of $50.00 which we ask the members/guests to help us cover. For instance, if we have 20 members/guests present, they will add $2.50 per person to our tabs. So the more guests we have, the less we each pay for the room. Last meeting, we had a great turn out, so we were only charged $1.67 per check to cover the room charge. When they say the more, the merrier.... It's true! :) Many members have commented that the information gained at a meeting is well worth the upcharge for the room. We greatly appreciate your contribution, to help us have this nice location to meet at! Also, join us on Facebook by clicking here (