CAS-GJ Book Club - Southwestern Lore - Fall, 2018. Vol. 84 No. 3.

Ike Rakiecki @ikerakiecki

Mesa County Libraries Central Library - Grand Junction, CO
443 N 6th St

Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 12:30 AM - 1:30 AM

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Meet with the CAS-GJ Book Club to discuss the Southwestern Lore issue of Fall, 2018. Vol. 84 No. 3. Results of the Excavation at the Blackfoot Cave Site, Douglas Co.,. It will be a great chance to read about archaeology, anthropology, history - and then have a chance to discuss what we learned. For more reading on Blackfoot Cave. Check out the following link. (copy and paste might be required). https://www.douglas.co.us/about-us/historic-preservation/county-landmarks/blackfoot-cave/ If you have copies of this issue, consider bring donations to the regularly scheduled April CAS-GJ meeting. We'll see you then! *************** If you're thinking to yourself, "I'd like to attend but I'm not sure if I can read the book by the time we meet", don't worry. Everyone is welcome regardless of how much you have read. At the book club meeting we will also discuss future books for the reading list. You need not be a paid member of CAS-GJ to attend the Book Club. **** Please be aware that since we are using the bookstore after regular closing time, it would be very nice if each of us would buy something in the store; even if it just a window decal.****