Canadian Rockies Backpacking: For Experienced Bivy Sack Backpackers


Bitter Lake Community Center - Seattle, WA

Sat, Jul 27 at 3:00 AM - Sun, Aug 4 at 1:00 PM, 2019

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Tour de Canadian Rockies: Jasper, Banff, Mt Assiniboine, Kananaskis Country, and Yoho. Two 3-day backpacking trips (Skyline Trail and Mt Assiniboine) and two days of day hikes. Act quick as the places that we will be visiting are considered the highlights of the parks and permits are selling out daily. This is sure to be an EPIC trip! ITINEARY https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wlBFRWBpU3Pi3LIEvyaiRRIjzgXtUA0U The bus shuttle for Lake O’Hara and Lake Magog campsite permits are yet to open. As such, the itinerary may change slightly based on those permit availabilities (may camp at Og Lake instead, etc.). COST $200-$300/person. Dependent on the number of attendees. I’ve chosen the cheapest available options for us on all accounts; no frills, but with plenty of thrill. Group expenses that will be split evenly are: park pass, car gas, shuttles/taxis, reservation fees, and group campsite fees. Individual expenses are your individual backcountry campsite fees. I’ll be making most of the reservations for the group; you are responsible for prepaying/paying me back prior to the trip. In addition, you are responsible for obtaining your own campsite for Marvel Creek (BR13). CAMPING RESERVATION https://reservation.pc.gc.ca/Banff,KootenayandYohoBackcountry?Map Be sure to select "backcountry" under "reservation type." There are limited available sites, RSVP ASAP after we have spoken over the phone and you get the go from me. This is what your reservation should look like: Arrival Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 Access Point: Bryant Creek Trailhead (Mount Shark Parking Lot) Night 1: Marvel Lake - Br13 Departing Date: Thursday, August 01, 2019 REQUIREMENTS FOR JOINING A) Answer ALL of the RSVP pop-up questions THOROUGHLY on the Meetup. If there are any issues with viewing or replying to the pop-up questions, then please message me your responses to the following questions: Have an VALID entry/exit doc.? Willing to drive? If so, how many people w/gear will your car fit? Have you backpacked before? If so, a brief desc. of your trip, length, and longest distance in a day. What type of shelter will you be using? Your phone #? You will not be considered for this trip until I have received your responses to the questions. B) Use a bivy sack or bivy-like shelter (no tents or hammocks). Space is limited at the campsites. C) You must have a valid enhanced license or passport for exiting/entering the US. D) Agree to prepay/pay me back as expenses accrue and have a phone conversation with me prior to making your backcountry camp reservation. E) There are considerable elevation gains, losses, and mileages in the 20s on this trip. Know your own conditioning level and know that you can accomplish it at a moderate pace (~2 mph) and still be of a happy disposition. For grizzly bear protection, we will walk together as a tight group while backpacking. However, you are responsible for yourself and for having your 10 Essentials. F) Keep your RSVP status up to date and if I should contact you, please respond in a timely manner. I'll move people from the waiting list to going based on their pop-up answers and our phone conversation. This event is crossposted on the PNW Backpackers & SOA Meetup.