Black Moon Magic

Luna Frey @lunalynnfrey

Cosmic Delights - Madison, WI
2717 E Washington Ave

Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

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A BLACK NEW MOON is an auspicious moon that amplifies your intentions & inner-most heartfelt desires for this cycle – a powerful New Moon for alchemy and creative manifestation. A major time of rebirth, renewal and transformation. A calendar month usually only has 1 New Moon, but when a 2nd New Moon occurs within the same month it is called a BLACK MOON. This is the most popular definition of a BLACK MOON. Based on this definition, a BLACK MOON would occur approx every 30 months. What are you going to manifest or create during this next cycle?What gifts do you posses to bring this new gift into the world? In this workshop we will take a guided journey inward to weed the garden of our subconscious minds so that we may make space for new creations to take form. Weeding allows us to unearth our own natural gems our personality comes equip with and uncover our own inner light. After the meditation you will have time to journal in your Black Moon Refection Guidebook as well as choose some crystals to take home with you that represent the gems you found within yourself. This workshop also comes with a candle and instructions for further workings on your own stepping forward into the next cycle. Cost $15 Space and supplies are limited so please Text or call or Text Luna to reserve your spot ASAP.