Bike from Long Beach to Newport Peninsula for Lunch on the beach path (35 miles)


Joe's Crab Shack - Long Beach, CA
6550 E Marina Dr

Sat, May 4, 2019 at 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Join us for a scenic bike ride along the beach from Long Beach through Huntington Beach to the Newport Peninsula. This bike ride is mainly on the beach bicycle trail, but there is some street riding as well. *** Please join the Southern California Cycling Group at to be notified of future bike rides. *** ___________________________ QUALIFICATIONS: Bike riders using a road bike or hybrid bike who are comfortable and experienced riding their bikes at least 35 miles round trip who can keep up with our group at 12 to 15 miles per hour are welcome to join us. There may be headwinds riding south on the beach bike trail. IMPORTANT: You are required to wear a bike helmet to ride with our group. ___________________________ MEETING PLACE AND TIME: Arrive at Joe's Crab Shack parking lot (free parking) at 9:30 AM to get ready. Meet for introductions and a safety talk at 9:45AM. WE WILL DEPART PROMPTLY AT 10:00AM. ___________________________ CONTACT: Louis' cell phone number is in the RSVP question (which you can see by clicking on the blue box under "You're Going,") so please call if you can't find us or you're running late. ___________________________ BIKE ROUTE MAP: Long Beach to Newport Peninsula at (17 miles each way.) ___________________________ LUNCH: We will stop for lunch at Jack in the Box 17243 Pacific Coast Hwy at Warner Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 on our return from Newport Beach. ********************************************** PLEASE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES: RSVP: If you can't come please change your RSVP to "No" so we are not waiting for you. BICYCLE: Make sure your bicycle is in good working condition with the tires properly inflated and the chain lubricated prior to the ride. RULES OF THE ROAD: Safety is always our first concern. Use standard hand signals which can be seen at and obey all traffic stops and signals. SPARE TIRE TUBES: You need to know how to change your own bicycle tire tubes if you get a flat tire. Please bring 2 spare tire tubes, levers, a small bicycle pump or CO2 cartridges to fill your tires with air once you change the bicycle tire tube. If you don't have spare tire tubes you might have to call a taxi to take you and your bicycle back to your car! MONEY: Please bring money for your lunch and taxi if necessary. BIKE LOCK: Do not leave your bicycle unlocked at any time. Please bring your own bicycle lock. HELMET: Please be advised that you are required to wear a helmet to ride with our group. WATER and FOOD: Please bring water to drink so you don't get dehydrated and food to eat, such as a protein bar, in case you get hungry. WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Please read this important disclaimer: This Meetup group, it's organizers and members take no responsibility for any injuries nor accidents that may occur during events. By joining this ride you take full responsibility for your own safety. Please ensure that you are in good health before participating and understand that there is risk involved in your participation. This Meetup group does not certify the qualifications of any of it's organizers or trip leaders, and they are not responsible for your safety. We are all just participants. ******************************************* This event is crossposted in several Meetup groups.