Bar & Cafe Lingua: Languages Culture Exchange: Weekly 20 Languages & 75+ Guests

Paul Brennan @pauljamesbrennan

Pub Peräkammari - Helsinki
Eerikinkatu 2

Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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NOTE: Meetup.com lies to you! Makes you think only 3 or 4 guests are going. Not true my future friends! We are more than 70 people every week. Read below to see why. :) <3 This is the city's premier cultural event! And we are proud to bring it to the Culturish group. Note, the regulars are not on meetup so they don't register here. We are 70 or more people weekly! Please do hit "Attend" button to help promote the event to non believers! Typically only 1st timers hit attend. :( Welcome to the original Café Lingua in Helsinki! Every week we are 12 to 25 languages and 75-100 people come together to meet new friends, practice any language with native speakers and have a nice chat over a drinks including very low prices on tap drinks! Lovely new home with a wide choice of beers and lots of activities. Join any language table you want! Let's socialize and have fun! Our hosts will help you if you have any questions and introduce to other people. The event is FREE of charge! HOWEVER! Please do your part to help the event by: + sharing online & inviting new members to join. + share to other language and culture groups online. Want more German speakers? Why not reach out and post in some German groups! + hit attending or Going on which ever tool you saw this on + share our posters of notice boards : ask our hosts to help + your other ideas how to help are greatly appreciated. + taking and sharing pictures on social media You'll find languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Croatian, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Estonian, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Dutch, Greek, Sign Language and many many more. Café Lingua has been built by volunteers. We're looking for ambassadors to help Café Lingua connect more people to learn and practice languages! Rewards for ambassadors guaranteed! Drop a line to kreeta@jollydragon.net or sms/whatsapp to 050 469 469 6 Kreeta, Paul & Son #jollydragon