August New Moon Guided Meditation


6409 Odana Rd - Madison, WI
6409 Odana Rd

Fri, Aug 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

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Join us at our next new moon guided meditation in the sign of Leo. We are done with the eclipses of summer and what powerful and transformative time it was! Now we can take a breather and integrate what has transpired. What have we learned or uncovered? How will (does) a new awareness or different way of thinking affect how our physical reality presents itself? My intention for this guided meditation is for us to relax, ground, and connect to our body. Take a moment to regroup. Feel gratitude. Slow down. We tune into our bodies. We recharge with the energies that can feel Leo-like, such as optimism, abundance, self-love, and self-sovereignty. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ******PLEASE NOTE: This meditation will be at clock tower office building on Odana Rd (6409 Odana Rd) at Surrender Within yoga studio (downstairs Suite 3B.) There are only 6 spots in total so PLEASE EMAIL ME ( to save your spot or send me a message on Meet-up. This new moon gathering is by donation. I appreciate your donations! Also note the time of 7:00pm __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ During the guided meditation gathering, we will do some introductions and some sharing. Then, we will go on a guided meditation to connect to our bodies (both physical and energetic) and use the power of intention and attention and community. During these meditations we often tune into our chakras, focus on energetic balancing, ground and center, and work with energies of nature like astrology, crystals, animals, plants etc. You may want to bring a journal to record insights at the end. The actual meditation part lasts about 30 minutes so please bring what you need to feel comfortable like mat, blanket, pillow. ( I have a small supply if you forget.) I look forward to getting your email! You can also message me on if you have questions.