Arizona Floorball (Tempe) ($10)

Zack Geiser @zackgeiser

Tempe Family YMCA - Tempe, AZ
7070 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

Wed, May 8, 2019 at 3:00 AM - 4:30 AM

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The game has become faster and more competitive since we began in 2016. All abilities are still welcome, but if you don't have some hockey or team sport (basketball/soccer/lacrosse, etc) experience, you may feel overwhelmed. If you are unsure, send us a note or keep an eye out for beginner friendly nights. Game status is dependent on the "8by6" rule. We need 8 players signed up by 6pm the night of the event. If not, I will cancel the event. Please be courteous and make sure your RSVP status is correct by 6pm the night of the event. We are back on for full court 8-9:30 but we have to be patient with the preceding groups getting off the court. Depending on the amount of players, we will play either 5 on 5, 4 on 4 and with our without goalies in an enclosed full size basketball court. If we get a full crowd, we may split into 3 or 4 teams and play 5 minute mini games with rotations. Cost: $10 per player (goalies play for free), or free with a YMCA Membership. Pay Zack (except YMCA members) at end of game. Bring cash. $10 bills are best. First timers must sign waiver. Co-ed. All abilities welcome. Ages 18 and up. Ages 16-18 with parent supervision. Just come with non-marking tennis/court/running shoes (no black soles), all other equipment will be provided (sticks, nets, goals, balls, pennies etc.). If you would like to try out goalie, we have all gear except for groin protection. Sign up (limited to first 18 people). Wait list available. More info: ( Partners: ( ( Floorball is a modern version of traditional hockey that most people are familiar with. Floorball is a safer and more affordable option that allows people of all ages, genders and abilities to grasp the fundamentals of traditional hockey in a fun atmosphere. For those that are either interested in playing traditional hockey or already do, the skills learned in floorball translate perfectly. Floorball is similar to floor hockey but has a strong focus on positioning and passing (and speed at higher levels). Floorball is easy and safe to play and uses a light weight plastic/composite stick and a hollow plastic ball (similar to a wiffle ball) that moves fast on the hardwood floor. Since the physical level of play is close to soccer or basketball (no checking), no special equipment is needed for field players (just like any sport, eye protection is recommended).