Argentine Tango at Yale - Weekly Sunday Practica

Greg Gibson @greggibson

Gryphon's Pub at GPSCY | Graduate-Professional Student - New Haven, CT
204 York Street

Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 3:00 AM

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Sunday Practice! We dance 50 Sundays a year! Yale affiliation is not required - all students, faculty, post docs, research professionals and community members are welcome! No partner necessary! We have our FREE practice from 8-11pm every Sunday! We look forward to dancing with you, whether you are a beginner, a regular at the practice, or returning from a hiatus, please join us! There’s no better way to wrap up the weekend than ringing the bell outside the beautiful old building and walking in to find familiar music and familiar faces (or new music/faces which will soon grow to be familiar!). We have our excellent club DJs who bring you fabulous tango music imported directly from Buenos Aires. Our practice combines the best of a milonga and a practice. Come practice and join party! Practice steps you learned in class, ask a friend to show you something new, or just dance the night away to an awesome tango selection. The event is very informal without a dress code. We provide water (sorry, no alcohol; we have undergrad members), and sometimes snacks or food. Sundays all year round except during Christmas break. Practice is currently held at: Practice has no home right now but most likely will be at GPSCY or Harkness Ballroom. Please check the Yale Tango Facebook page for the latest updates or text Greg @ 2 0 3 * 6 7 1 _ 8 5 6 8. GPSCY (Graduate and Professional Student Center at Yale), (pronounced like “gypsy”) 2nd floor ballroom 204 York Street New Haven, CT Alternate locations: Harkness Ballroom 367 Cedar Street New Haven, CT Sage Hall 205 Prospect St New Haven, CT 06511 Theater Studies 220 York Street Room 102 New Haven, CT SLIFKA 80 Wall Street New Haven, CT FREE admission All are welcome, including beginners and under 21. Check out our webpage! https://yaletangoclub.wordpress.com/ Talk to us on Facebook! The club communicates via Facebook. So please join this facebook group so you can stay in the Tango loop at all times. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2200318884/ *** How to find Harkness Ballroom *** Harkness Hall Ballroom (Yale School of Medicine). 367 Cedar St, New Haven, CT This is the large glass room near the grassy courtyard, set back from the street near Cedar and York. Here is a picture of how to find it... http://www.meetup.com/YaleTangoClub/files/