An Introduction to Unified Mindfulness

Concordia CSL @concordiacsl

Concordia Center for Spiritual Living - Warwick, RI
292 West Shore Road

Wed, May 8, 2019 at 10:30 PM - 12:00 AM

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Beginning on May 1st, Alan Vukas, a meditation instructor and coach will offer an 8-week course - “An Introduction to Unified Mindfulness”. This is a modern system of mindfulness techniques which develop the attention skills of concentration, sensory clarity and equanimity. These three skills help us explore our inner and outer world to better understand how we think and feel - to better understand ourselves in the moment. Research shows that this enhanced understanding can reduce stress and anxiety, increase attention and memory, and increase appreciation and joy. Throughout the course you will learn what mindfulness meditation is and its benefits both on and “off the cushion”. Each week during a 90 minute class, you will learn a different technique to help you start enjoying the benefits of mindfulness meditation. You will learn how to practice mindfulness in stillness as well as going about your day doing things like listening to music, exercising, walking, and even washing the dishes. Course Fee: $80 Online Registration: