Active Mobillity & Stability

Billy Edelen @billyedelen

Big Four Station - Jeffersonville, IN
Next to Pearl Street Treats - 301 Pearl St.

Sun, May 26, 2019 at 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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This class makes you feel better in a holistic fashion by using exercises, movements, and poses that focus on freeing tight hips, easing stiffness associated with chronic low back pain, opening up the chest, and relieving stress - all of which are common ailments in modern culture. Regardless if the person is a “deskbound” worker, manual laborer, athlete, active older adult, or someone looking to begin an exercise/movement routine this class is a perfect fit!!! This class is designed around the foundational principles of moBILLity which include mindful breathing, core stabilization, joint preparation and mobility work, and nervous system activation/integration training. This focus will allow for the development of both fluidity and efficiency of movement, while mitigating the stress response in the body. The practitioner will then have the freedom to live as their healthiest selves while enjoying all that this life offers in the present moment!