A Course In Miracles Study Group

Diana McCarty @dianayoungmccarty

2362 W Shore Rd - Warwick, RI
2362 W Shore Rd

Thu, May 9, 2019 at 10:30 PM - 12:00 AM

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Hello Everyone. Many thanks to those who came out to the meet and greet on Thursday the 2nd, for those who intended to come but couldn't, we pray all is well and look forward to meeting you next week. We will be using an audio version of the Course to make things flow better and increase comprehension of the material. Some books will be available for your use if you would like to follow along, this is highly recommended. You can also acquire the book on kindle for very little. I do recommend that you bring a note pad and pen, to write down your questions and most importantly, bring an open heart and mind. The program will include one private consultation per month, per student. (By appointment only). It has always been my hope to travel hand in hand with any and all of you who seek a deeper meaning in life, moving towards the understanding and clarity that comes through the Course in Miracles, and to do so at no cost to the student. Relying only on donations to cover the cost of the spaces we use, materials, travel and other expenses. Unfortunately, past classes while attended by many, more often than not have yielded little or no donations. Leaving the cost to the facilitators and making classes unsustainable. While the lack of donations will never affect the attention given to each student, it does impair our ability to facilitate the classes on a consistent basis. The Course In Miracles is a gift that can bring about great change in your life, from the inside out. It therefore deserves a commitment, just as you deserve one from us. For that reason, in order to maintain our commitment to you, we must ask for a modest tuition from each participant in the class, we will also offer a discount to those who pay each month in advance, call 1-800-868-9556 to register for the next class or if you have any questions. Payments may be made via using the following link ( or by check made payable to Rafael Dones or in cash at the event, also you may mail checks to PO BOX 40546 Providence RI 02940. Additional payment options will be added soon. In any case please register in advance. Please note: If you truly cannot afford the tuition, I will be more than happy to discretely consider you for one of the two scholarship we will offer for each class. Sincerely, in Love and Light Rev. R.