5rhythms Portugal Sweat - Feel it all

Anna Bosky @annamariabosky

Jazzy Dance Studios - Santos - Lisboa
Av. Brasília 254

Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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There is a dance that only you know how to do - Gabrielle Roth No two dances are ever the same. We dance what is raw, real, present and let our bodies be our guide. There is no wrong or right 'way' to dance, as there is no wrong or right 'way' to be. To act, to speak, to feel, to love. We just are, as we are. In this very moment. And then we transform, into something else. 5rhythms is a space to create, to destroy, to uncover, to meet, to play, to hide, to fall apart, to put ourself back together, to challenge, to break away and fall in to. Its everything and it's nothing. How we respond to each of the 5rhythms, in every moment, reflects our relationship to them in our own lives, in that very moment. And so 5rhythms is a spiritual liberation practice, giving ourselves the permission to be who we really are, underneath it all. A safe playground to embody our god given right to freedom and our primal nature. A dance to take with us into our day to day lives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The 5rhythms Flow A more feminine energy, a form of tai chi that reflects how receptive we are to surrendering and simply going with the flow in our lives. We move from our centre with the natural flow of the rhythm. Stocatto A more masculine energy, an energy found easily in big cities like New York or London. It reflects our relationship with structure, rules, order, definition. A natural rhythm to fall into after flow in life as we begin to add definition and order to our lives. Chaos A meeting of the feminine and masculine energies. A complete surrender to our spirit. No definition, a moment to release the human domesticated being into our primal form and natural behaviour. A place of madness and no structure. Pure creativity. Lyrical A rhythm to reinvent yourself after you shake off the chaos and the weight of your domestication. A lightness of being after the madness. Stillness A rhythm where you move to the space in between the rhythm. Letting the empty space inside guide your movements. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We invite anyone and everyone regardless of age, gender, experience, perception, stress load, crazy active or inactive day to join us. There is no '5rhythms' type. Come as you are, whatever you are feeling. You will feel better after you allow yourself to move through what every energy is within you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Price: 13 euros Low Income (not working): 10 euros When you arrive please walk down the stairs into the studio. This is a new space we are trying out, and we recommend you change for class before arrival. There is a bathroom upstairs if you aren't able to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About Anna Maria Bosky I am on a path of liberation. Liberation from the mind, liberation from the constructs of a co-created sub-reality we have agreed to in this illusion. Freedom to be exactly as we are. I am driven by a lifelong mission to support the endangered creature within, the human being. To help co-create safe environments for beings to reconnect with their creature instincts and primal nature through a language we can all understand, sound, movement and creation. I am a 5rhythms space holder so I can be of greater service to something much bigger than 'myself'. To be a channel that helps co-create safe spaces for others to give themselves the permission to be who they really are, underneath it all. My home rhythm is chaos. https://www.5rhythms.com/classes/RhythmsSweat-13450