5*5 Football Game


Military Officers Accommodation - Abu Dhabi
Military Officers Accommodation

Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 3:45 PM - 6:00 PM

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6x6 football game for 1 hour. Details: - Pitch: Indoor air-conditioned pitch. - Cost: 40 AED. Ground Rules - Attending late means game starting late or game starting with 2 teams has different number of players , So attending on time (at least 10 minutes before the game start) is a MUST, whoever is going to be constantly late will be on waiting list for the next 2 games and if this behavior remains I regret to remove the latecomers from the group. - Friendly attitude towards your team and other team members is a MUST, we play for fun and all levels are welcome to join, some of us might have age or fitness or even medical limitations, So No shouting or yelling or debating is allowed, we all equal and friends. whoever is going to show bad attitude towards any of the game players will banned with no regret. - Last minute cancellation will put us in risk of canceling the game, prevent some other players from joining the game, losing the booking money, I understand some of us might have some important things to do preventing from attending however I'm closely monitoring last minutes cancellation. whoever is constantly cancel by the last minute will be removed. - Waiting list players, being on waiting list means you are ready to join anytime, you are kindly requested to constantly check your status and if you feel you will not be able to make it plz remove yourself from waiting list Or if your status changed and you did not show it will be considered as now show which means ban. - Please join El7areef whatsapp group for constant game updates just pass your number @ 056 501 7507 or 055 954 6093 Disclaimer, we are not profitable group, we volunteered to organize the games, we pay same amount of money like any member, we extremely appreciate your understanding and co-operation regards the above-mentioned rules and if you do not agree about any of it, please take a moment from your time and leave the group. Cheers ....see you in the game..