21 to 50 - Speed friending! No pressure way to make friends! Over 50 expected


Karma Sanctum Soho London - London
20 Warwick St

Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Want to do something exciting this Saturday? How about meeting new friends? But this time meet new friends the Speedy way and in a safe environment! Please join us as we help you make new friendships with both ladies and gentlemen without any of the pressure, shyness and nervousness normally associated with meeting new people. This is for ladies and gentlemen between the ages of 21 to 50. (It is fine if you are a few years either side of these parameters) Please click on the link below to purchase your tickets in advance: Fatsoma: https://fatso.ma/J9Ek OR Eventbrite: https://speedsat.eventbrite.co.uk WHY SPEED FRIENDING? In our speed friending, we arrange for you to meet and chat with each other. This gives you an easy and convenient way to meet new people in a way that completely dissolves barriers. This is NOT speed dating and so you will be meeting both ladies and gentlemen in mixed groups. The intent is to create friendships. One of the greatest benefits is that this tears down the walls of shyness. Many people have deep-seated anxiety when it comes to talking to people they don’t know. But when you push outside your comfort zones, this speedy connection opens up the door to allow you to easily communicate and work together with other members of the group. Speed friending allows you to identify other people with common interests. The conversations that take place don’t have to be deep, profound or even scripted; simply discussing likes and dislikes may lead to future friendships. Often, people want to make new friends, but they aren’t quite sure how to go about it. With speed friending, you can start pursuing that goal without appearing socially awkward or desperate. Here’s how it will be set-up: 1) Half of the group (mixed gender) will stand in a fixed place and the other half of the group (mixed gender) will rotate. During these intervals, each pair of people will get the opportunity to talk to each other. 2) ANNA will be hosting the evening and she will organize the speed friending. She will indicate when you should move to the next person. 3) We will meet from 6.00pm onwards. You should get yourself a drink and also any food before 6.45pm. 4) The Speed friending part will start exactly at 6.45 pm onwards and continue till about 7.45pm followed by a break and finish at 8.40pm, so please try and be there on time. If you are late then you can join the speed networking midway. 5) We have the cinema room downstairs which is booked for ANNA/Meetup. We will have a reserved area for our members. Please be sure to read the events board to know which room is ours on the day. You can also ask the security guard on the ground floor. 6) Please be aware that over 85% of attendees are attending for the first time and over 95% of attendees come alone. You will not be alone. ANNA will welcome you and help you get comfortable. 7) Happy Hours until 9 pm. Have a look at photos from our recent meetups and see what you have been missing! http://bit.ly/MeetupPictures **We are not a dating group. Our group is created to help ladies and gents meet other like minded ladies and gents and make new friends. This could be for singles or for those who are not single. Please do not attend our event if a perfect gender balance is important for your enjoyment of our meet-up.** -------------------- Event Cost: Early Bird tickets - £5 each (plus charges) Regular tickets - £10 each (plus charges) If you do not purchase your tickets in advance then you can pay £15 cash at the meetup to ANNA. Please click on the link below to purchase your tickets in advance: Fatsoma: https://fatso.ma/J9Ek OR Eventbrite: https://speedsat.eventbrite.co.uk -------------------------- This meetup is organized with www.connectwithlocals.com Please watch the video below to see why you should attend our meetups. http://bit.ly/whyattendoursocials