Anchor Park (Across the street from the beach) is the reference point - DELRAY BEACH, FL
390 S Ocean Blvd

Tue, May 14, 2019 at 10:15 PM - 1:15 AM

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Come and celebrate our 10th Year of BEACH NIGHT. BEACH NIGHT IS A CORNERSTONE OF TRI COUNTY ADVENTURES. IF YOU TALK TO OUR CORE MEMBERS MOST OF THEM WILL TELL YOU BEACH NIGHT WAS THEIR FIRST EVENT. It didn't start off that way. Beach night was born one night while I was on the beach by myself and wondered aloud if this would make a good meetup event. LIke all good ideas I put it out there for the group and it took a few years to really get popular but enough people came month after month for us to make it a regular thing. Two years ago we almost lost it because of all the construction. But last year we had a resurgence due to core members and a new host. Doug has again agreed to host for 2019! Anchor Park is open for parking until sunset and there is parking on the main street as well. You have to pay at the meter but then after 8pm the parking is free. Hopefully this year we will get to stay as long as we want as we have in past years. We are back to every Tuesday. The reason we do beach night is to give you a day in the week to stop and smell the ocean spray. Yes, it is a time to relax, meet new friends , catch up with old friends and enjoy the sunsets. If you are interested in bringing back the tables to beach night let me know in the comments below. Bring your chair and yourself and sit for a while and make new friends. If you are going to bring food and drink make sure to keep it in your cooler and take home whatever you bring. Sunsets are our specialty. Looking forward to seeing everybody! Feel free to bring a friend. Big Dave