100% Free Chinese Lesson on Saturday ShenZhen 周末免费《和码中文》教学


Room 409 - ShenZhen
Building 1, 9th Hi-Tech South 1 Dao, NanShan distract

Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM

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A new & effective way to learn Chinese language! It starts from 25 characters, not from PinYin. Step 1: Getting complete knowledge & skills of Chinese writing & typing through HeChinese coding system in 4~6 hours for adults. Step 2: Speaking directly from Chinese words, creating a new and independent Chinese pronunciation system in 10 hours 50 words. Step 3: By reciting short sentences to remember the sounds and meanings of words. Studying 10 words, 15 phrases and 1 dialogue in each lesson. 和码汉字教学法是继古代的“整字教学法”,现在的“拼音汉字教学法”之后的新一代“汉字字形教学法”。 1、字形教学方法:采用“和码汉字字形知识与技术”进行汉字字形教学(外国成年人,4~6小时)。 2、字音教学方法:采用直读语音教学法进行字音教学,以建立独立的汉语语音发音系统(10小时50个单字)。 3、字音字义记忆方法:通过熟读熟记短句来记忆字词句的音与义(每课一句)。 Easy and quick, in the first 40 hours(1~2 months), you can write and type every Chinese word, you will have solid capability to read Chinese books, to speak and communicate in a native Chinese tone, and will feel confident to further your Chinese study. Contact phone number(also WeChat ID): 139 2420 3557 联系电话(微信号):139 2420 3557