Wash Park Perambulating Parlor

Jefferson McClure @jeffersonmcclure

Washington Park - Denver, CO

Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM

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TYPE: STSP Weekly | PACE: Conversational | TERRAIN: Paved park trails | DISTANCE: Approx. 2.5 miles Walk Description: Join our open-air, moveable parlor in beautiful Washington Park for a rousing session of stirring conversation and jovial games. Parlor games have a long history of bringing people together with a shared experience of the ridiculous. WALKING parlor games have a very short history because architects have traditionally avoided designing mobile sitting rooms. The Wash Park Perambulating Parlor is a conversationally paced walk with an emphasis on play, mental fitness, and pleasant company! Walk Leader(s): Jefferson McClure is a new Walking Leader who wishes to inject a bit of playfulness and cerebral calisthenics into the art of walking with community. Schedule & Meeting Location: We will start at perhaps the least instagrammable spot in the entire park: the Smith Lake pump house and maintenance shed, at the east end of parking lot near the Downing and Exposition entrance. If you’ve managed to find the Wheel Fun Rental facility, you have also managed to walk right past us, so please find your way back (and maybe bring something tasty back from the snack bar). We’ll gather our merry band of wayfaring gamers for introductions promptly at 7:00. The parlor should begin perambulating by 7:05, but if you miss us, look for a rambling band of humans having WAY TOO MUCH FUN along the main park loop and catch up to us. We’ll be taking it fairly slow and pausing as required by our activities. Unless we wind up stuck in particularly thorny riddle, we should wind up back at the starting point by 8:00. Trip Notes: - There is a fair amount of parking where we meet, but this is a lot of park, not a parking lot. - Dog Friendly! Please be sure you are confident your dog can handle 2-3 miles and insure that your dog is calm, well-behaved, and LEASHED. (Please use a 6ft or shorter leash. No retractable leashes.) Bring baggies. All dogs must be trained socially with people and other dogs and be willing to participate in dumb human games. - There are port-a-potties along the route, including at the meeting spot. Lucky you! - Consider bringing: Comfortable socks & shoes (preferably non-cotton socks!), water and after-dinner mints (suitable for bribing antagonized geese or roving stroller gangs), and maybe that light sweater and rain jacket your mother always told you to bring but you never did. Welcome Waivers: If you haven’t participated in a walk this year, please complete our Welcome Waiver online (http://www.walk2connect.com/welcomewaiver) or download, print, sign and turn in a hard copy if this will be your first walking experience with Walk2Connect. Cancellation Policy: We only cancel in extreme weather conditions on our path, such as zombie ice dragons, abrupt reversal of the earth’s rotation, or like...just regular old boring lightning or hail. Check Meetup or text Jefferson (303.868.9790) for the most up-to-date conditions. *** Get Involved! 1. Sign-up for weekly Walk2Connect emails at http://eepurl.com/XPdKH 2. Keep checking our main event calendar at http://www.walk2connect.com/events 3. Follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/walk2connect 4. Become a Life@3MPH Champion http://walk2connect.com/community/champions/ 5. Learn more about leading walks in your area by becoming a Walking Movement Leader http://walk2connect.com/community/walkingmovementleaders/ Connect with our social media community ~ @Walk2Connect | #Lifeat3MPH