Visit the Yee Bak Gong (二伯公) Temple in Quarry Bay


Quarry Bay Station - Quarry Bay
Finnie St

Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM

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If you've been with us visiting local temples you'll know that a major preoccupation with many of the saints and deities that we visit is the health and wellbeing of their followers. The most well-known, like the mighty Wong Tai Sin, are major figures in Daoist practice worshiped by millions of people. There is, however, another more folksy tradition that of the recluse monk-healer. This figure often lives far from Society in rustic settings like caves or simple hovels helping those who make the arduous trek to their remote, mountainous hermitages. Yee Bak Gong (二伯公) was such a reclusive healer. Master Yee's (二伯公) life is shrouded in mystery but the legends remain somewhat consistent. A healer figure surnamed Wei, possibly from Changle district in Futian Province practiced medicine helping the villagers on the eastern side of Hong Kong Island. After his death, people who had benefited from his practice built a temple in his honor close to where the current temple sits. Master Yee's renowned would only gain in popularity especially with members of the Shek Tong Shui demi-monde in the early 20th century. Why not spend a few hours on a quiet Sunday to visit Master Yee's Temple. As a second stop (on our way to Dim Sum), we'll be visited a very interesting artifact that is displayed right in CityPlaza 1 at Taikoo Shing next door. In 1906 local merchants in Guangzhou presented Butterfield and Swire Ltd with a ceremonial Silk Embroidery to celebrate the opening of new Godowns (Warehouses) in Pak Hin Hok, Guangzhou. The Embroidery was sent to London where is lived until the 1997 handover when it was quietly brought to Taikoo to celebrate the opening of the then-new Taikoo Shing.