UNSTUCK - Games to get you in action now!!

Billie Allen @billieallen

Brew Coffee Spot - La Mesa, CA
6101 Lake Murray Blvd

Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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How would you like to take part in a super-fun, outside-the-box social event to disrupt procrastination?! Are there dreams and goals and priorities in your life that you never seem to move forward on? Are you still trying to do it all alone? Are you bored, disillusioned.....feeling hopelessly overwhelmed......perhaps not even knowing where to start? Are you spending countless hours worrying about why you're not in action? Well, STOPPPPP!!!!!! It's time to get UNSTUCK! Let's play some games together that have you finally making progress!! ---- $10 in advance, $15 at door, Venmo: @Billie-Allen-1 or more options below ---- Our high-energy morning will proceed like this: 9:30 Welcome & Introduction 9:35 Games begin! We'll be playing exciting, fast-paced group, dyad and individual games (including focused implementation sprints in which you get significant work done!). You'll also leave with tools, a plan and more to continue to create results! 10:55 Debrief & Take-Aways 11:00 Officially over, welcome to stay and co-work with your masterminding peers! WHAT TO BRING: 3 to 5 goals & where you’re stopped, your most procrastinated current/ongoing tasks, laptop and anything else you might well as enthusiasm, excitement and willingness to play full out! PLEASE NOTE: We will start on time, you snooze you lose! (If you show up late, you'll join in the next activity.) --- $10 in advance (until midnight before the event); $15 at the door 3 PAYMENT OPTIONS A. Venmo: @Billie-Allen-1 (owned by PayPal, no fees, just download the app to sign up) B. Eventbrite: C. $15 cash or Venmo at event ----- A few more notes.... No one else is doing anything quite like this - I know because I made it up! I created these games because I'm tired of incredibly amazing people not only being stuck but feeling bad about themselves because of it. Procrastination (like any "problem") can be solved with a little creativity....and even more so with community! If you want to find out more about using these ideas for your own work/events, contact me!