U-Pick Certified Organic CHERRIES Meetup


Copelands Cherry Ranch - Leona Valley, CA
9611 Leona Avenue

Sat, Jun 1, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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I’ve been wanting to do this, maybe you do too. I’m still waiting on details on available dates and if crops are available this year, so this may change. Join us for the day on a scenic drive to pick and enjoy one of nature's sweet treats at an ORGANIC cherry farm- Copeland's Cherry Ranch! We'll pick'em together, then eat'em together! Families & friends welcome! Copland's welcomes dogs, but due to roaming ducks they must be friendly obedient & leashed. If you can't join us, Copeland's will usually be open everyday 8a-5p from about June 1 til they're gone, usually within 2wks, but before you leave home, call for updates the day of. WEATHER Forecast (http://www.weather.com/weather/wxdetail5/93551), Historical Avg 88/56 F | 31/13 C, but plan on it being sunny, hot, dry & windy! Dress & hydrate accordingly! ITINERARY • 9:00 - Optional (but highly encouraged) Meetup* in La Habra for Carpool** • 9:30a - Carpool Departs sharply to Copeland's • 11:30a - Arrive at Copeland's & Pick*** • 1:30p - Depart for La Habra Carpool Location • 3:30p - Arrive at La Habra Carpool Location * We'll decide at Carpool Location which cars to take. You may instead meetup at an alt-carpool location and/or directly at Copeland's. ** Before arriving/leaving at Carpool Location use bathroom & top-off gas tank. *** You're encouraged to taste a cherry or two before you decide what varieties to pick, but NO GRAZING, let's support these AFFORDABLE SMALL FAMILY ORGANIC farms by paying what we pick before we eat. CARPOOL LOCATION I can hold 3 more people in my car. If anyone else would like volunteer to drive and can take a few passengers and carpool together that will be great! Put your name in the comments and note what city you live in and whether you can drive or if you need a ride. Perhaps those who live close to each other can carpool. CHERRY LOCATION Copeland's Cherry Ranch 9611 Leona Ave, Leona Valley, CA 93551 661-270-1900 copelandscherryranch@gmail.com website (http://copelandscherryranch.com/) | facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Copelands-Cherry-Ranch/107479849301949) | yelp (http://www.yelp.com/biz/copelands-cherry-ranch-leona-valley) Free & ample parking on Leona Ave. Mom and pop owners are extremely friendly, helpful & gracious! If you can't attend, please go support another time. BRING • $10 cash per person for carpool passengers to pay directly to their driver for gas • Cash only for $6/lb cherries. (Whole Foods $8.99!) • Closed-toe shoes: Ranch request due to weeds & debris • NO ladders: trees are perfect size for picking, from toddlers on up BRING (Optional) • Whole fresh ripe raw preferably organic, heirloom and/or exotic fruits & shoots to share. NO Durian (this one time) so the odor doesn't offed the other patrons on this private property. • Mess kit: plate/bowl, utensils, napkin, cup (if you plan to take a break and snack) • Hat • Sunglasses • Camera • Water • Sunscreen or protective clothing • Cooler: keep your cherries cold on the long drive home • Scissors: to keep stem on cherry, otherwise when picking cherry, leave stem on tree to prevent damage to spurs, which are the short twiggy branches that grow out of the tree's older branches and produce next year's crop FARMS PROVIDE • Buckets • Paper bags • Water & pre-picked cherries for sale CHERRY VARIETIES Lots of Bing & Utah Giant, some Rainier, a few Tieton & Benton on ~470 trees, and sun-dried cherries on the tree, which are smaller, crunchier, sweeter & more flavorful than fresh ones in stores, it's Cherry Heaven! The region we're visiting has over 20 cherry u-pick places, but we're only visiting the 1 of the 2 that are organic, because out of the 48 most popular fresh produce items available in the US, grown conventionally, cherries rank 18 (1 being worst) for highest concentration of pesticide residue! Don't let the competing orchards mislead you with the words: pesticide free, no spray, beyond organic, sustainable, natural, healthy. They're unregulated unenforceable words that require you to trust them wholeheartedly without recourse. "Organic" is the only word legally protected against fraud and abuse, with 3rd party verification. Organic is the only word that punitively prohibits a grower from using sewage sludge, bioengineering (GMOs), ionizing radiation, and most synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and must do so for at least three years prior to harvest! Organic food is better for your family’s health and the planet. Buying organic is a direct investment in the future of our food system, so it’s a choice you can feel good about. Please only buy from these organic orchards. The date may change because cherry season is very fickle and short, due to weather and crowds, in addition there's only one road in and out, which government agencies can close-off without notice due to wildfires (it's fire season), like they did in 2013. If there's another date change, you'll be notified thru Meetup. Regardless, on the morning of the event, before the meetup start time, you'll receive a final confirmation notice the same way. We wish it was less last minute and complicated, but this is the best solution we have for things out of our control. You are welcome to drive yourselves directly to the farm or even take the Metro Red Line to NoHo Station Park & Ride (5373 Lankershim Blvd N Hollywood) and then Uber or if someone is willing to Carpool and pick up passenger there. Directions to the orchard - * Take 14 Freeway North to Palmdale Blvd. * Exit and turn left onto Palmdale Blvd (going west). * Take Palmdale Blvd which changes to Elizabeth Lake Road at 10th Street West. Continue towards the country to 90th West (approximately 11 miles). * At 90th West (stop sign) turn left. * Turn right at the next stop sign - Leona Avenue * Copeland's is half a mile down on your right. * Parking in front on the street.