Two Hours That Will Change Your Life...



The Healing Shoppe & Learning Center - Upland, CA
316 N Mountain Ave

Thu, May 2, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM

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Get Money, Love, a Career, a Relationship -- ANYTHING -- Fast! Change your life & get your miracle NOW! 2 HOURS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Discussion and guided meditation group for people who want to attract wonderful relationships, heal fears, achieve financial freedom and become TRULY happy in life. This class is working miracles each and every week. Come take a journey of growth and discovery to get the change you need and want in your life. Get whatever it is you want in life, and get it faster than you thought possible. Anything and everything is possible, and we'll teach you how to get it. Each session, you will learn different techniques to manifest your dreams... Whether it is love, money, a job, a relationship, a car, a house, peace -- you can have it NOW. Cost for this event is $15.00 if you pay online at lease two days ahead of time and $20.00 if you register and pay at the door. You can register and pay at this link: