The Gifts of Imperfection 10th Anniversary Edition!

The Gifts of Imperfection 10th Anniversary Edition!


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About the Event

We have the first ever hardcover edition of The Gifts coming out on September 8, 2020! I’ve written a new introduction, included a new tool for personalizing the work called an Integration Index, and I’ve cleaned up the binary gender language (which I’m doing on all my books). And, as requested, I didn’t change the core content. It’s so beautiful, and it has our most downloaded quote on the back. Under a strand of twinkle lights – of course. A new audiobook for The Gifts will be available in September, and I’m reading it! We’re launching a free webinar series on The Gifts in September, and I’m going to dedicate several podcast episodes to topics from the book. More to come. We’re unveiling a new Wholehearted Inventory in August. We worked on this instrument for several years, and it’s ready for primetime. You can take it for free and have the results emailed to you! And, by the way, we don’t hold on to any data, including your email.