Tea & Chi for Reiki, Psychics & Empaths

Britta Kuo @brittakuo

A Place Called Om - Albany, NY
217 Wolf Rd

Sat, Jun 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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**TOPIC**: "Soaking In The Sun!" Letting In Light & Letting Go to Release Negativity **MEETUP**: Come as a Reiki Practitioner, a psychic-medium, intuitive, empath, or a novice to talk "Chi" over Tea. This is a wonderful time to get to know other local practitioners in the area, to ask about their love and backstories for Reiki or Psychic-Mediumship, and to make new friends! Novices can come and ask questions as practitioners usually love to answer them as long as we hold a safe, respectful, and spiritual space for everyone. We are here to welcome you into the community. Please meet in the foyer located in Suite 1 on the first floor. **FIND ME**: I'll be at the reception desk where you will be directed to remove your shoes for the yoga studio, to hang up your coat if you wish, and to grab a warm blanket! The inside entrance to the studio is within a small foyer and you won't be able to miss us as there is a large YOGA flag outside as well as a sign. **BRING BUSINESS CARDS**: This is an awesome time to chat, make new and lasting friends, and to network. **VENUE**: "A Place Called Om" is a new healing arts center within Guilderland that has generously offered for us to use their studio where it is a bit more quiet and spacious. They have a small tea room with a hot pot and tea for guests, so yes we will enjoy! I'll also bring some tea cookies. If you feel you want your own snacks, that is okay just as long as they are small and you can carry out what you have carried in. This venue offers reiki rooms, massage, dance classes, and all sorts of fun events including sound baths. You can check them out at www.aplacecalledom.life for more details. **EXERCISES & ACTIVITIES**: 5 minute opening meditation, card readings (oracle and animal) to assist in strengthening your intuition and general abilities or knowledge of cards, reiki hands exercise, general discussion/Q&A Please feel free to post to the discussion board about what you would like to offer for topics, exercises, and how we can be a supportive group to you!